Lands of Lorez

Lands of Lorez

By Photon Storm - Added On 5/31/2014

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"It was a warm summer's day as you idled about your farm, tending to the crops. It had been a good year, and you were thankful of your decision to leave your former life in the King's Guard and trade fighting for farming."

"You watched your cat Jonesy, happily chasing a field mouse into the corn. It was then that you spied something lurking by the river. It was the unmistakable shape of a Plotop. Its red, wet body glistening in the mid-day heat. You barely had time to question why it had wandered up from the dank marshland in which it lives before it was upon you, sword drawn and a menacing grin on its face."

"You may have chosen a peaceful life, but your battle skills were still fresh. And after a few well timed hits the Plotop was a writhing mess laying in the dirt. In the confusion Jonesy had fled, scared, into the hills. You followed as quickly as possible, just in time to see the cat take refuge in a dark nearby entrance in the rocks."

"Advancing cautiously, sword drawn, you enter the dungeon. You've no idea what kind of foul beasts lay down here, but you're damn sure you are going to get that cat back, no matter what."

"Good luck Adventurer! Fame, fortune and felines await."

Lands of Lorez

This is our entry to #lowrezjam - a fun challenge to build a game limited to just 32x32 pixels in size. We're both great fans of dungeon romps like Eye of the Beholder and this is our miniature homage to them.


The entire game can be played with the cursor keys.

UP - Move Forwards / Attack / Menu Select
LEFT / RIGHT - Turn / Cycle Menu Options
DOWN - Display Mini-Map


Look out for hidden wall panels!

There are 6 dungeon floors to explore plus a Bonus dungeon if you find the secret exit on level 6.

You don't have to fight everything! In fact we'd suggest you actively avoid what you can on the later levels.

Potions only restore health if you are damaged.

Only the baddest play as the killer bunny.

Who Made This?

Lands of Lowrez was created by Photon Storm

Code: Richard Davey (
Art: Ilija Melentijevic (

Created in HTML5 using Phaser (


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Dannyfor 1 week ago
Its really cool, but its so hard when it is so small. Maybe if you can make it a little bit more large.
lennartvi7 2 weeks ago
graphics are old, but the gameplay is awesome. Just like in the old days. 5 out of 5!
JamesPug 1 month ago
nice game, simple, but amazing game :O :D
indiegamehunt 1 month ago
Great! Port this to mobile!
Independ3ntTech 6 days ago
at this size I almost want to say couldn't it make a good game for the new Watches and what not? I could totatly play this for days on a Pebble
Bufuhc 1 month ago
Nice pixel art, easy to control, pretty good game.
Blizzard Muffin
Blizzard Muffin 2 months ago
Amazing, I love the graphics ;)
minispy2002 2 months ago
NeruNeru 3 months ago
i love it! android?
the3163003 4 months ago
So much fun! i LOVE all the pixelzz
Anon 4 months ago
Good game, wouldve played it for many many hours on an old nokia 3510i. The resolution is so low but it still look awesome. Easy controls. Great gameplay. Too minimalistic for me to totally enjoy though.

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Developer: Photon Storm
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete
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Mild Cartoon Violence

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