Fantasy on Mother's Day

By Miss Nile - Added On 12/1/2009

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Play through a couple of adventures to be able to get a present for your mother on Mother's Day.

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hainur 1 week ago
Posted my blog.
Miss Nile Game's Developer
Miss Nile 1 year ago
Smoke. :)
danielbrown161214 1 year ago
Me also. Bees have a weakness but I tryed most of them and nothing seems to work. Wonder what they are scared of.
wifi5113 2 years ago
great game
Kiouku Miyabi Productions
This game is amazing, though I cannot find for the life of me what honeybees are afraid of. ^_^' I love it, though! Definitely one of my top indie games <3 Keep up the great work!

~~ Fea-chan ~~
MasterOfMacedonia 2 years ago
I liked what I played. The graphics are beautiful. I found myself going to my computer's Ease of Access Center to use the Magnifier to zoom in on the character sprites and have a better look at all the little details you put in. Some of the music is nice, too. The plot (so far) is adorable.

However, I encountered a serious game-stoping bug. I bought all the items I needed from the port city, and then decided to go exploring before taking them back to Mum. When I entered the second floor of Ma'am Whathername's house (the one who the rich old mustache guy is in love with.), my party of characters does not appear on the screen and I cannot move. Thinking that they were behind a wall and I just couldn't see them or something, I opened up Mum's List of Needs (since that text box always appears over the heroine's head), and it appeared in the black area in the upper right-hand corner.

I hadn't saved since the begining of the game, and I really don't want to do all that over again. )-:

Also, yes, I am terrible at remembering names.
CROS 5 years ago
A screenshot would be nice. =D

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