Doomed Dungeon

Doomed Dungeon

By Daz - Added On 1/11/2013

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Doomed Dungeon is a role-playing game with procedural levels and semi-3D graphics. Enter the dungeon and defeat the evil Vavaimm!

The aim of the game is to go down on the dungeon. You will have to find the stairs, but you have to kill at least 75% of the enemies that are in the floor to use the stairs.


- 3D scenarios with original and colorful graphics.
- Original Soundtrack done by Gamegamusic.
- 11 different enemies.
- 2 bosses, one of them is hidden! Will you find him?
- Four different magic: fire, ice, light and ghost!
- 10 different items to use.
- Joystick/Gamepad supported!
- Statistics. Will you have a lot of strength, or Will, or Endurance... ? Your character will be as you want.

Arrow keys to move.
X to attack with the sword.
Z to use magic.
Hold Z to open the Magic Wheel. While in the Magic Wheel, press X to change to the next magic.
Hold C to walk sidewards.
Enter to open/close the menu.

All of this controls can be changed in the options!


There are a lot of secrets and fun inside this game, and I will let you discover them! Have fun :)


This game was made for a spanish-site competition, and it won! It gets the first price and I get a Game Maker: Studio license :)

I made an english version as fast as I can so it will surely have a lot of grammatical errors. If you can help me with that errors, I will be very grateful. I am not very good at English so I need a helping hand...



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John Gardner
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Mike MacDee
Mike MacDee 8 hours ago
I died and loaded last save...and got all kinds of nasty glitches. My weapon was already out, but I saw another hand bringing my weapon out at the same time. Esc made the menu blink in and out of existence with every press, so i couldn't choose any options. I could see through walls and couldn't see spell selection. Couldn't even ctrl-alt-del to close the application: i had to ctrl-esc and manually open the task manager to kill it.
jeremysykes927 1 month ago
Good old style RPG, just add inventory with sword armor ect and it can be awesome ! :)
AznBoii598 2 months ago
how do i download the game?
robster 5 months ago
played for a little, got to the 2nd level, fought a snake, and a spider got me from behind, killed them both only to find that their attacks pushed me in to the wall and got me stuck :X i tried saving and loading, but i was still stuck so i quit -_-
rhysedwardbarnes 5 months ago
This game is awesome! It shows many elements of an RPG for example: Levels with bosses, customized characters and achievements. It'd be awesome if you updated a lot more. By that I mean more monsters, more achievements and more levels. Thanks :D
Elvirais 6 months ago
Hmmm... why does this game lag so hard? It slowed down on the first level with just a blob and a spider. It remained slow after that. I ran it on an i5 with 8g ram and a 2g nvidia card, it really shouldn't slow down. I'll try it again later.
anti00 6 months ago
This is a great game i like it :D
Edocentrique 7 months ago
Excellent, you should make more of it !
TheRealDannyyy 7 months ago
This game is free?
I would pay money for it !
Awesome Game!
Tecness 7 months ago
Several points.
1: An auto save feature would be nice for every floor, or every like 3rd floor, so there is some penalty for dying and forgetting to save rather than going back to the start if you forget completely :P
2: Walls on the minimap would also be nice. Like, lines, I can't tell you how often I've backed up and randomly stopped because I hit a wall.
3: The chance to dodge enemy attacks should be luck not endurance.
4: Passive health/magic regeneration would be a great feature. I understand there are plenty of health potions, but a small 0.5% health and magic regeneration wouldn't be a terrible idea.
5: A counter for enemies at the end of the level, specific for that level. Currently, you have a total enemies slain, but a thing like "5/6 Enemies Slain" for the current level or something along the lines would be a nice addition as well.
6: Information on the enemies. I got a tip saying that Croacs could cast poison magic. That's great, now if only I knew what a Croac is.(Might have been a different enemy).
7: I know there is a manual, but information on the controls in game when you go to key-mapping would be advisable. Like, I have no idea what DERECHA is. Also, do they keys change when a different key is pressed or is it just my imagination?
8: Something cool to happen when you reach a certain amount of points. Like, 5 strength gives him a bigger arm, 10, a different color axe or something (I'm a dwarf). 5 will gives him a blue fireball or something. Not really needed, but would be cool.
All in all, a nice little game

Game Info

Developer: Daz
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Cartoon Violence

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