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About the game:

Devastated is a huge-to-be platform shooter with RPG and action/exploration elements. The gameplay is based in a open world full of quests and stuff to explore. RPG elements include of course experience points and leveling up. Leveling up gives player skillpoints which can be used to upgrade different skill such as weaponry, agility and dexterity.

Game storyline:

The world is devastated. Due the ecomnomical depression a insane dictator, Lance Holdeman, ascended to power and started the development of a gigantic atomic explosive, "Project Purgo". Holdeman detonated the explosive and killed 80% of all life on earth. Fallout is global - every second people are dying. The blast caused smoke, dust, sand and debris to fly over to the athmosphere and thus blocking nearly all the sunlight.

In this world of eternal darkness, you, Subject 460-E, aka. "Edward" along with your team are going to assasinate Holdeman. However the plan turns into a disaster and soon you'll find yourself alone in the wasteland. The world's fate lies on your shoulders as you are the only one who can survive in the radiated world without equipment. Your mission - assasinating Holdeman - is waiting for completion!

The rest of the story is not yet decided.

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TheLastNomad 3 months ago
Wow, I love this game and everything about it, was playing it for so long and loving every minute until I died and had to restart.

You should definity keep up the work on this.
LavaWave 10 months ago
This game is pretty good, Love the art style it's so retro like Iji and Flashback and the gameplay is solid but the difficulty is hard at the beginning and somewhat unforgiving but it's good all in all, looking forward for the full version of this game.
EPILIFTHEBEST 11 months ago
Spedsh 1 year ago
Cool :)

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Developer: Simp-pelit
Genre: RPG
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Moderate Language

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