Deepfall Dungeon

Deepfall Dungeon

By rik007 - Added On 1/5/2013

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Version 1.6.5

Deepfall Dungeon is a 3D first person fantasy role playing game. You have entered the dreaded Deepfall Dungeon and must find the exit! Along the way, you will fight monsters, find treasure, cast spells and build your character from a nobody to a legend! Will you make it out alive? 

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Ipyree 1 year ago
its alright
Whisper Studios
Whisper Studios 1 year ago
what engine is used for this game?
rik007 Game's Developer
rik007 1 year ago
Dark Basic
shaman4d 1 year ago
Looks really good. Old school nostalgia game.
FedoraG4mer 2 years ago
Mix some dungeon crawling and toss in some roguelike elements and you get a good bit of fun. And for the low price of admission (free!) there really is no reason to not give this game a spin.

I featured it as the first video in my "Free Game Friday" series for those reasons.
FedoraG4mer 2 years ago
wrong link *facepalm*
morganstrauss94 2 years ago
It's a nice game but you're using Justin Nichols art ( without crediting him, it's under CCBYSA license.Please add the credits .
Katsumi 2 years ago
Really good game. Very reminiscent of the classic dungeon crawlers. Also, you used the X, Y and B Xbox buttons. Does this mean an Xbox controller is compatible?
rik007 Game's Developer
rik007 2 years ago
Yes you can use an Xbox controller.
SAW_GameDesign 2 years ago
Nice, looks great. Just get rid of the wait, its kind of tedious, and maybe make combat occur a little more often.
Mateo 2 years ago
Awesome! It has the feel of the old good dungeon crawlers like Ultima Underworld or Dungeon Master.
Samuel Venable
Samuel Venable 2 years ago
Best thing on the site. Unlike when other people say that about a game I'm telling you the truth, this is actually the best game on the site to date.
Shank MacShiv
Shank MacShiv 2 years ago
The controls are akin to standard old-school dungeon crawlers like Anvil of Dawn or Eye of the Beholder, and they work pretty well: six move/turn keys, and the mouse is used for the rest. Unfortunately it doesn't have the substance of such games: wandering dungeons is all there is to the premise, and you're forced to use a randomly generated character -- there's no character creation screen, or even a balanced array of heroes to choose from before delving into the dungeon. I feel that having monsters visibly wander the dungeon and fight in real time would make it more immersive -- DD instead favors the Bard's Tale method of "random encounters" and turn-based combat, which isn't my thing, but other players will probably dig it. The tutorial could use work too -- I don't need a message telling me that a dead end means "turn back", and I'd rather discover for myself what different potions and such do.

In the end this feels like a Dungeon Crawler engine rather than a completed dungeon crawler; it's too bare-bones to pull me in. rik007 might make another, more epic effort with this same engine, which might be pretty cool to play. But I'm gonna pass on this one, sadly.

Game Info

Developer: rik007
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete
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