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By tembac - Added On 12/8/2009

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Free roaming rpg made for the adva RPG contest. www.adva.com.ar. it can be played in 2 minutes. I wanted to put almost everything that is entertaining in an rpg (exploration, quests, battles) in only two minutes. 
It’s ideal for people who don’t have the time to play for hours but want to play an RPG.

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BaronVsCorsar 2 years ago
Simple, buy anyway a good idea.
Really excellent for "2 minutes". The game is ok according what you promise :D
swibbo 4 years ago
Worth a play, but once your finish it, the game has little to no replay value
Joe Williamson
Joe Williamson 5 years ago
Nice idea, but I didn't feel the game was varied enough, and it does finish very abruptly. Worth a quick look, though.
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray 5 years ago
This game is pretty awesome. While the graphics are by far not the best, this is a *great* essay into fully-randomized gameplay. Kudos. You've taught me a thing or two.
tembac Game's Developer
tembac 5 years ago
Thanks for the comments.

Sorry I didn´t do it quickplay before I didn´t know how to do it :P
Glitchy Pixel
Glitchy Pixel 5 years ago
I like this one n_n. It reminds me of 30 second RPG, but with more planning ahead and less frantic movement.

I sometimes feel that its kinda unfair the random placement of things in that It might be not possbile to achive all quests on one run... but still I found it very satisfying :).

I agree with Callan, you need to make it quick play!
Callan S.
Callan S. 5 years ago
This is a classic. Played it and commented on it on yoyo (I was 'noon' there).

But I think it really needs instant play to do it justice, though!

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Developer: tembac
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

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