SubTerra 2

SubTerra 2

By Crystal Shard - Added On 1/2/2009

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SubTerra is back, with dozens of new objects and over a hundred new levels! The goal remains to grab the gems and head for the exit, but with new obstacles such as conjurers, glue blocks, fragile gems, and reverse gravity. Meet new enemies such as the golem, have your pet dog follow you around and help you, and confuse yourself with the ingenious wiring systems!
The game still includes a level editor and demo recording.

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MrBeefMan7 4 years ago
It's listed here on the puzzle page.
And on the web site it says that it has Reflex Action!
I can't figure why people can't tell the difference between the two genres.
That said, it would make a nice Arcade Game:)

Game Info

Developer: Crystal Shard
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete


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