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SERENDIPITY is an artistic puzzle game developed by SUPINFOGAME's students in 2013. This concept is based on the SERENDIPITY : "The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for." brought to life through an abstract universe. 

Produced by : Lucas DEVOS | Marie RONNAUX | Benbadis SLIMANI | Frédéric BRICOUT | Hugo NGUYEN DUC.

Have you noticed that your cursor is a wonderful & glowing energy link? Yes, that’s cool. Besides its coolness, it means that you are the entity that will highlight the living piece of art you’re wandering in. Your job is to find a way to the next painting, using the objects around you. However, those objects are like art itself : unpredictable. Get closer and seize them while you can, it’s like opportunities in life.

With your cursor, aim at a nearby object and click on it to make your glowing sphere reach it.

Upon impact, this object will start a movement, pulling the sphere along and allowing you to advance in the level.

Always move !

Don't stop, motion and momentum are the key to success ! If your sphere is motionless, it will be propelled back in the level.

But take your time to look around you : these little floating orbs might unlock new paintings or hidden ways...

who knows?

Accept the unexpected and dive into this abstract world...

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Posted By Chris Priestman 11/7/2013

Just the main menu of SERENDIPITY had me confused. Clearly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just saw the words “abstract”, “artistic” and “unpredictable”, and decided that was all I needed to know about the game before playing. SERENDIPITY is all of those things, but mostly it’s a puzzle game about motion and momentum, and it’s all controlled with your mouse.

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Dark_Birdie 2 months ago
I love these type of games, it gives the player a magical sense of wonder.
It is a piece of abstract art that has been brought to life, it is a good game, though i admittedly got very confused at times.
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 1 month ago
Hello Dark_Birdie, thanks for the compliments! Well, if you like this kind of games you will love the one that I am currently developping : "Over The Void". Check out my twitter account : @Marie_Rx to see screenshots of the game. It's gonna be playable on PC, on a very famous game site ;) ... As soon as the trailer is done, I will share the link !
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

nerddroidgamer 3 months ago
what is the trailer music? I like that soo much. also a very good game and fun to play. my lets play video will be made soon :)
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 3 months ago
Hello nerddroidgamer ! Thank you for your comment, the Main theme of Serendipity is an original creation composed by Pierre-Marie Blind and Dorian Pachot-Giroux, you 'll find their email adresses into the credits page of the game.
Thank you too for the review, just leave me a link and I'll watch it ;)

By the way, if you liked Serendipity, I have an incoming surprise for you all... I will speak about it very soon :)
CreationsChimera 6 months ago
all I need to know is if the in game music is Royalty free. Regardless I want to do a let's play with this but I would like to give my viewers the full experience which includes music so could you please inform me thank you
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 6 months ago
Hello CreationsChimera, the prototype and all its contents including the in game music belong to Supinfogame. You can do a let's play with the music of course, but you can't monetize it on your channel. Don't forget to communicate the link to me when it's done! Thank you ! :)

steven55321 6 months ago
wow i like this game
0 6 months ago
this is a beautiful game 5/5!!
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 6 months ago
Many thanks! :)
Thanks everybody for your interest, you're all wonderful!
afterworldStudios 8 months ago
phew this looks very nice on the eyes :D
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 8 months ago
Thank you!!! :)
zakdoesgaming 9 months ago
This. Game. Is. AMAZING! I am going to make a review of it for my YouTube channel now. I will provide a link to the game, you just deserve all of the credit for this game. I give it 1000 out of 10!

- Zak
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 9 months ago
Hello Zak, thanks for your enthusiasm! I'm glad you liked it ;)
JoJoBoom1423 10 months ago
such a beautiful game :) i really enjoyed playing it :D i made a lets Play On It :) to who ever made it you made such a game game :)
lets play here if you wanted to know -
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 10 months ago
Hi! Thanks for this, you just made me die laughing!!!
Thanks for all the compliments, I'm very happy that you liked it! ;D
gamer_mdk2 10 months ago
beter than mono crome
akaharosJK 10 months ago
SERENDIPITY -> one of he most awesome games, in content as in concept. love it! 5/5! trippy as hell though! :D
did a let's play of it (or the first few levels) on my channel!
Marie Ronnaux Game's Developer
Marie Ronnaux 10 months ago
Hello akaharosJK, thank you very much for your feedback! We are always glad to know that our game brings that kind of experience, that's what Serendipity is all about ;)
Thanks for the let's play too :)

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