Picma - Picture Enigmas

By Moonberry Studios - Added On 1/26/2010

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New version at http://picma3.com/

Picture logic game, featuring 60 unique puzzles ranging from 5×5 to 50×50 cells.

Visit the “About” screen to learn more about the game and it’s origins.

GAME MODE: The default is “Supervised”, it’s meant for new players and will notify them of mistakes and correct those mistakes at a price. Enabling “Free” mode in the Options screen will stop the game from correcting and punishing mistakes.

MEDALS: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are given if you beat the average time by a certain %. Note that the averages were mostly calculated from players with some experience in the game genre, Gold Medals are not intended to be easy to attain.

LOGIC: All puzzles can be solved by logic alone, some are simply very hard.


If you never played before we suggest taking a look at the “How to play” in-game.

- Click a square to fill it, Shift + click to place an X.
- You may zoom in and out using the magnifying glass.
- Pan/scroll is done using WASD, by CTRL + drag or by clicking the “compass” icon and dragging.

- Full list of controls available by clicking the ? icon in-game.

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cliftonbazaar 14 hours ago
Well I enjoyed it :)
kurtgr 3 weeks ago
Enjoyable. I wish there was better differentiation between the colors. The silver doesn't stand out from the background, and the brown and purple numbers look identical.
CloudySorA 4 weeks ago
Cool game!!
[Cool*Beat] 2 months ago
nice idea for the puzzle game
13irth 4 months ago
There's no consequence for failure except a boost in the time.
If it didn't do anything and just disallow you to win the level it would make more sense ;o;
aXan 5 months ago
I like this game!
Robyyynx 5 months ago
Though I do love these kind of games, this one seemed less like a logic thing and more of a, "click and hope for the best" thing.. though to be fair, after about 20 minutes of straining to see what's left to do, I often gave up and just clicked everything anyway so I can't be sure. Good idea but definitely needs work..
Yog 5 months ago
Decent, but the interface gets awkward once you hit the larger levels. The 50x50 is all but impossible to play. Colour differentiation on some numbers not contrasting enough. 3/5. Addictive all the same.
TGTK 6 months ago
Like the game, and the relaxing music, but at the moment the scratching sound of the pen starts overlapping and playing non stop and I can't handle it after a while.
Cyber Killer
Cyber Killer 6 months ago
Nice, but I prefer Picmi for playing nonograms. I also don't really get the multi color levels.

Also: this game would greatly benefit from the right mouse click.

Game Info

Developer: Moonberry Studios
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Flash
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