Penka Mazes

By Alexitrón - Added On 5/10/2009

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Penka Mazes is a unique maze game in which you do not directly control your character,instead,you must place arrows in his way to make him turn in the right direction or else he will crash against a wall or one of many obstacles and other Penkas that will stand in your way.Use tools,traps,wrap around the screen,warp from place to place and detonate explosives to make your way to the end of each maze.Play in 3 different play modes,each with in game instructions that you should read or else you won't go too far in this game because its game play is something you are not used too.

(The source ( gmk file ) of this game is incuded with the game .)

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MidiCord 4 years ago
It was nice that you included the GM file for those that use GameMaker.
May help give ideas.
AlpineCondenser 4 years ago
I must admit that this game didn't draw me in. It had that Arcade feel.
But....Your creativity and talent is excellent!
TOO MANY games on this site look like they were thrown together in a couple of days. Then the DEVelopers give each other high scores no matter how bad their stuff really is.
This philosophy, if continued, will slowly destroy GameJolt.
Your work, however, is up there with the best. Millerworld, Chicken Games, Rotten Tater, etc. To name a few.
Alexitrón Game's Developer
Alexitrón 5 years ago
Aah , my first game . This was so painfully made that i don't even dare look back to it to give it an update . Such a mess of code that sometimes I wonder how it actually works . I'm glad that you like this one Amidos , thanks for your feedback .
Amidos 5 years ago
Nice game remeber me by the lemmenings and PacMan at same time. Good job :)

Game Info

Developer: Alexitrón
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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