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      -Traditional Puzzle Game



I have no idea of the origins

or traditional execution of

this puzzle. I have simply

made a port of it. There are

many others and I cannot

claim to be the first or

have had any hand in creating

the puzzle. Do not let this

stop you enjoying it.



Hello and thankyou for

downloading NO! This was a

small project I thought I

would challenge myself with,

chosen because I love the 

game so much. It took me a

good few hours work (not

including the time to write

the music) and was kinda fun

overall. I hope you enjoy it

as much as I do.

It was created for the

Braingale Team Gimmicky Game

competition, where all games

must use the mouse.

Right click goes between the

menu and the game, left click

on the menu will change the

game size, and in the game 

will mark a square. Best times

for each game size will be 

written to 'NOSCORE.txt'



The idea behind the game is

to complete the grid by

filling in the squares, using

only the clues given by the 

numbers down the side. They

tell you (in their own 

special way) how many blocks

are coloured in, in the row

or column. Each number tells

you how many consecutive 

blocks there are. So for

instance the number 2,3 may

look like this- 

          [X][X][ ][X][X][X]

I'm afraid I cannot explain

it any more clearly than that,

but i'm sure you'll pick it

up easily enough. You'l come

up with all sorts of your own

little tactics when completing

these puzzles.



Music, Coding, Graphics-


Game Engine-

   Game Maker by Mark Overmars







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MindLady 5 years ago
A 5!!! Are you serious??
I gave it a 3 and I was being kind.
Instructions are a mess.
Once I got it running, I couldn't exit the game. Had to Control/Alt/Delete just to get out of it.
Deleted it off of my machine immediately.

I still don't understand why all of these developers seem to give each other a 5 with no regard as to the actual quality of the programs that they are supposed to be judging.
That tends to demean the programs that actually deserve a 5.
Just my opinion.
roboguy 3 years ago
I believe the game was of excellent quality. The only valid points you made were that the instructions were a mess (they were very understandable if you took the time to read them.) And also that you couldn't exit. I thought it was quite well explained in the instructions that right click alternates between the menu and the game. From the menu you can just hit the escape key. My only complaint is that when left clicking does not return to 4. Besides that it was perfect.
P.S. Given that we can only use integers between a 1 and a 5 it is logical that people give 5's.
Daniel Seabra
Daniel Seabra 5 years ago
'Twas fun when I played it long time ago.
CROS 5 years ago
Hey, JMickle. You must've pasted from a txt file or something. The formatting in the game description seems kinda screwed up.

Game Info

Developer: JMICKLE
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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