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Neon is a match four drop puzzle, with a mechanic similar to the classic Kirby's Avalanche, or Puyo Puyo and simple colourful graphics.  Match adjacent colours in four or more to eliminate them.  Stack them up in cascading combos to add to your point multiplier.  It starts out slow, but increases with speed with every time you make one or more matches.


Neon Light is the ad-supported version of Neon.



Wifi Multiplayer with Game Center and Google Play Services

30 Achievements on iOS and Android

Leaderboards on iOS, Android, and Facebook

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Left, Right or Down to move.

Up or Space to rotate.

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Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley 1 year ago
Simple game, but the green checker board chart thing is sort of wonky on my screen, its as if someone moved it up and left, so part of the screen is just black but the circles can go to it... This game reminds me of an easier tetras.
keithkarnage Game's Developer
keithkarnage 1 year ago
Yes. I put a news article about it, but I'm not sure those things get read, I'm new here. I expanded the playing field but have not yet changed the grid. I am planning in replacing it with individual animated lasers instead of an image of the grid. I would fix it quickly until then, but I have run out of space on my sprite sheet. It will all be fixed in the next week or two. Thanks for the comment.
Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley 1 year ago
Ah, personally I only read those on games that I am following :P

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Developer: keithkarnage
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
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