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Monokrome is a first-person 3D puzzler, submerged in a voice-acted story of serendipitous survival where the player uses coloured energy to infuse Monokrome metal with varying properties.


Unearth the secrets surrounding the drone uprising. Revisit the Monokrome mining facility from the year 2380 A.D and delve into the events that lead up to the drones' rebellion. Take on the role of the last human alive in the facility and use the aptly named 'glove' to manipulate energy and overcome any obstacles the drones set in your way, from breaking unbreakable glass to walking on walls!

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Indurok 3 weeks ago
I ran into a bit of a problem in Part 2 of this game. I know I forgot all about a box with blue energy, but there is still a major bug.
Indurok 3 weeks ago
Nevermind, I was thinking of a box I used elsewhere near the beginning of this video. So I don't know if there was a blue box I used near the beginning of level 1, but I was screwed over when I lost blue energy and was unable to pick it up.
Indurok 1 month ago
Here is Part 1:
Indurok 1 month ago
Okay, something was wrong and the video was not showing for others so here is a re-upload of part 1:
coolkid gamer
coolkid gamer 2 months ago
i cant install i need to be an adminstrator can you fix plzzzzzzzz?
ArdOP 2 months ago
looks awesome gonna downlad it
Masterchifo1111 3 months ago
This game is great, but i think that more levels are more fun :D
nostalgianinja 4 months ago
This game is quite an interesting one. with puzzles which require you to push your alternative thinking while you go through all these challenges. It's a nice tribute to Portal, although it could do with more levels and a more thicker storyline than one stage and quick stages. A level creator/editor would be nice for those who want to mod this game as well.
Fulic 6 months ago
А игра как интересная?
rotes21 6 months ago
This is a great game because the idea is original and creative. But it would be nice to have it in multiplayer and more level.
RoguemasterLuke 6 months ago
This was quite like portals, and when i saw the man on the monitor, i never trusted him, i could tell he was human, but when the tutorial ended, and the drones started to get more angry, i had noticed, this human suddenly had a drone shaped head, and said"on one human hand...on the other HUMAN HAND... and on the third human hand, oh wait, we only have two hands don't we? also referring to everything as technical things,such as the blood, and skin, he referred it to "oil, and casing" this was what had gotten me to truly believe he was a machine.It was a great story!!! but there was one thing that lacked attention... The ending... I had played this game for hours, admiring all the work put into the game, details, plot, characters, everything was perfect, it was even like my favorite game, portals! I had found the droids amazing, very well done!!!! It was all perfect, until I went up the elevator at the "end" and was interrupted by the words, "HAHAHAHAHA DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULD TRUST ME???" then droids coming towards you in a flurry, thus dying, with the words "THE END" I almost punched my computer... all of this greatness!!! leading up to this!!! I'm not saying this is a horrible story! It was AMAZING!!! And if you could find the time to either make the ending better, or make the game longer and adding a better ending, I think it would be flawless!!! In all I would give it a 9/10!!!!
Kemechev 6 months ago
Whoa, whoa, man! Don't ruin it for the new players! Put a "Spoiler Alert" advice at the start of that thing at least, geee....
ax-boi 6 months ago
I wanted to play this game. Back to Portal 2 then...
kykynd 8 months ago
Will this game ever be out for mac?

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Developer: RogueBracket
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Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity
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