Life Turn

By ADJA - Added On 10/21/2010

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***This game was created with SaintHeiser***
He was a boy in a in a wheelchair, but his new one is no ordinary one; it can defy gravity. Now he can do things he had never dreamed of, go places nobody else can. Your goal is to help him explore the world around him.
Life Turn is a logical platform game. Try to master difficult puzzles,
using a gravity switch. Around 20 main and 12 bonus levels await you. As well,
there is a game editor which allows you to create your own levels and load
user's levels from saved files.

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YoungAndRetired7 4 years ago
VERY Good Game.
Slow startup and music drilling but the programming is Excellent.
It runs great; is easy to understand what needs to be done without some lengthy tutorial or readme; the menu's are clear; and it seems to just pull you in.
It feels a little arcadie but the overall perfection of the game makes up for that.
Great Software..........................A Download Must. I think.
AlpineCondenser 4 years ago
Excellent Work!
Ran smooth, excellent graphics, great Puzzle Software.
MrBeefMan7 4 years ago
I can understand the 20 or 30 second Start Up screen because people are proud of their work and want a little brag time.
I agree with ML that the same constant music tends to become painful after awhile but that is easily remedied.
I LOVED your work until I hit level 19. I don't like Puzzle software that suddenly changes into an Arcade game.
Good Work.
MindLady 4 years ago
Nice Work.
Maybe skip the 15 or 20 second 'lead in' each time you run the game.
The same music seems to drill into the brain after a while (Yes, I know that I can turn my speakers off:)
I'm only on level 14 but I like what I've seen so far. Good Thinking Game.

Game Info

Developer: ADJA
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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