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Created for the Frosty 4 Digits competetion, "inuit" is a side-scrolling platforming puzzle game with equal parts problem solving and platforming skills. This version features 12 levels of rapidly increasing difficulty.

Join Nap the lonely inuit on  his adventure to kill the seals. You must take advantage of enviromental factors to finish the job. All of this while racing against the clock for the best time.


Controls are arrow keys and 'z'


Version 1.1 now out. New features:

  1. Sound effects
  2. Levels must be played chronologically
  3. Secret unlockable after beating the final level


Adjust display size in settings

Also, this game features an autosave/load which is triggered when exitig/entering the game respectivly.

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Nick Veith (ProJank) Game's Developer

Sorry raffishtenant, I had some problems with the mac export. I removed it as an option now.

raffishtenant 1 year ago

Looks like good silly fun, but I'm having some trouble running it: my security settings are rejecting the Quick Play version because it's self-signed, and the download link keeps sending me the Windows version (even though I'm on a Mac and the download page reads "Downloading for Mac").

ObsidianSkin 1 year ago

Fun game. Very well made!

Nick Veith (ProJank) Game's Developer

Thanks for the feedback. Sound effects are now added. Music will be next.

Comico 1 year ago

Very fun... it would help if you picked a color that contrasted more with the background for the bullets, changing the screen size helps but not too much.

Feels lonely without any sound effects or music.

almightyzentaco 1 year ago

Nice polished style, and interesting action/puzzle game mechanics. It could really benefit from some sound effects though. And it was hard to see the projectiles because they are the same shape and size as the snow.

I really enjoyed the mountains parallax too. Good work! Keep it up.


Game Info

Developer: Nick Veith (ProJank)
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker: Studio
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Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed

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