If You Can't See It

By Bill - Added On 1/17/2012

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If You Can't See It is an innovative puzzle game in which you can remove obstacles from your path just by changing the color of the background!  Is there a blue wall in your way?  Simply change the background to blue and walk on by!  Of course, it quickly becomes more complicated than that, with an array of different obstacles and objects, including spikes, pushable blocks, and color changing guns.  There's even an easy to use level editor, so that once you've completed all the included  challenges, you can create brand new ones to share with your friends.  If you have a Game Jolt account, you can even upload your levels to the server, and download levels created by other users!

The game includes a wide variety of colors to choose from, and is color blind friendly.  You can change the colors used in the Options Menu, available from the Level Select menu.

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robster 1 year ago

beat all 40 levels, never got an achievement and am logged in. well done, you must be pretty smart to solve the puzzles, and a genius to design them! well done game/concept. only thing i didnt care for was the music

Bill Game's Developer
Bill 1 year ago

Thanks for the praise and the bug report! Strange you didn't get any achievements... I'll look into it.

Raeleus 1 year ago

The graphics are awful, however the addictive and unique gameplay keeps me coming back for more!

Lokarunith 1 year ago

This game should have more attention!! It has a very original concept, some great puzzles to solve and a nice soundtrack, really fun to play!

marcostudios 2 years ago

There's a bug on gamejolt login, it says logeed in then FAIL but it has just logged in...

Bill Game's Developer
Bill 2 years ago

Thanks for the report. I just tried it, and it appeared to be working for me. There is also no message that says "FAIL", perhaps you mean "Login Unsuccessful"? Just to clarify, did this occur after you typed in your username/user token, or after closing the game and reopening it?

marcostudios 2 years ago

I do not know what happened but now does the login normally


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Developer: Bill
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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