Dimension Jump

By James Rhodes - Added On 1/19/2011

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This game is now available on Desura!  Please install from there to get the latest version: http://www.desura.com/games/dimension-jump .



One of the hardest games of the year is here; Dimension Jump! With 60 levels ranging from super easy to why-are-my-hands-bleeding difficulty, this game will make you feel pain (in your hands that is).

Navigate your way through 6 level sets, with 8 levels in each, plus a tutorial and an additional 4 "insane" levels to really test your skills.

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YoungAndRetired7 4 years ago
It felt more like an arcade game than a puzzle.
I tried the Quick Play and it locked up my machine...Control/Alt/Delete couldn't bring it back. I had to cold boot.
The download worked better, but it would hang constantly.
The idea seemed unique. You could tell a LOT of hard work went into the creation of the game.
James Rhodes Game's Developer
James Rhodes 4 years ago
First time I've had reports of it actually locking up a computer. It might be something to do with your GPU and surfaces (since this game uses surfaces extensively, and others have reported problems with them).

Glad to hear you liked the game though :D
AlpineCondenser 4 years ago
Looks like it would be nice, but like suteF, it's buggy.
I tried the game.exe and the aero.exe
Both feel like a jerky slow motion<<<No doubt it's the problematic Game Maker.
Your work, however, looks impressive.
James Rhodes Game's Developer
James Rhodes 4 years ago
Thanks for playing!

Yeah, Game Maker does seem to cause it to lag up on some computers and the surface implementation causes graphical issues on some cards; not much I can do about that though since there's no alternative (other than rewriting it in another engine).
James Rhodes Game's Developer
James Rhodes 4 years ago
There's now a graphical artifact "fix" now available for those of you who experience issues on Vista / 7.

Read the download page for more information on the fix.
Pinpickle 4 years ago
Good to see you released the game. I believe that this world should be burned as there are people with sick enough minds to inflict this kind of pain on others.
That being said, I liked it.
IndieAlex 4 years ago
hmm...great game but graphics look wrong here?! works great on other comp though
James Rhodes Game's Developer
James Rhodes 4 years ago
Some computers seem to have an issue with the graphics and my first guess would be the surfaces that it uses to render the game, but as I don't have a computer that actually replicates the problem, I can't debug the issue.
roboguy 4 years ago
pretty fun but the graphics are really messed up on my computer
NAL 4 years ago
Pain in the arse of a game. That being said, it's also good fun and varied, which is very nice.

Game Info

Developer: James Rhodes
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker

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