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Daves Trails

By millerworld - Added On 7/9/2009

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Daves Trails is a SIMPLE little puzzle game written for Windows. Nothing fancy, but Excellent if you are the puzzle solving type.  You basically just have to put colored tiles together to complete a trail on a 7 X 7 tile grid. (It IS NOT a slider puzzle)

It looks simple, is very easy to learn, but it will slowly addict you if you are the puzzle solving type of person.

It was optimized for WinXP 1024 X 768 display but should work as low as 800 X 600.

It is window scalable so you can leave it running on your desktop while you do other things. You can even let it running Minimized. As with all of our software, it only uses a very small draw on your CPU as compared to most other software.

It also has four Save locations so that 4 people can try and solve the puzzles on the same computer. 

LOL>>>You'd be surprised how many people have written us and said: "We just wanted to try 'One More Level' before we quit".

Hope it brings you a few weeks of puzzle solving fun.

BTW>>>Because of many request, We added a counter which will keep track of how long it takes you to solve the 47 levels of puzzles.  If you find Daves Trails a little too hard then try 'Jills Trails' that is also here on GameJolt.com.

Thank all of you for the many positive emails and words of encouragement. "Daves Trails" is now spreading across the web like a wild fire. 

Latest Update 08/14/2014 version: 7.18.9E

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YoungAndRetired7 4 years ago
This software is SO DIFFERENT
LOL.I was only on level 4 and I thought that there was something wrong with the program.
My Bad
I'm already addicted!
BTW OMG I found your web site. Awesome.
Thank You. I'm in puzzle heaven.
millerworld Game's Developer
millerworld 4 years ago
We, at MillerWorld, just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You All for your wonderful comments.
Even at our age, that pat on the back still feels wonderful.
Thanks Again,
D & J
Sneakygamer 5 years ago
What a clever game! Haven't seen anything like it. It takes up all my nights. Hey, Katz, how do you do Level 27? I'm tearing my hair out!!
LRP 5 years ago
Oops, I've done 45 levels, stuck on 31 and 27. Did you know you can alter the Save texts to whatever level you want?

This game is up there with Brickshooter (unfortunately a commercial game, but I'm still playing it after 12 years) for originality. But what will I do when all the levels are done? :(

MindLady--have you finished?
KatznCohen 5 years ago
Well, I'm one ahead of you.
KatznCohen 5 years ago
I've done 46 levels of Dave's (still stuck on 27,) but Jill's has me stymied after about Level 15. It lack Dave's patterns. Anyone have a strategy for Jill's?
AlpineCondenser 5 years ago
WOW! Checks in the mail!
I just rated Jills Trails a 4 only because I had to compare it to this!
I logged on to this site so that I could make my opinions public. Granted, I've downloaded a bunch of games from this site but they are mostly from the same old GM crowd that seem to just tell each other how great they are.
Do you like to solve puzzles? I mean.....Do you really like to solve puzzles?
Are you sick and tired of freeware that is riddled with adware, have to send x amount of dollars for the 'full version', just the usual arcade lame copycat crap and not a real puzzle?
Trust me...Check out Daves or Jills Trails and you won't be dissappointed.
Kemrang, Visit II, Whir, to name a few, are Very Very Good, but....
Download them all and make your own opinion....You'll see!
And, to be honest, I really don't understand why they are giving this software away. It doesn't seem to belong here.

Nocturne 5 years ago
Wonderful game!! Simple, clean and fiendishly addictive... Just what all good puzzle games should be! 5/5 from me...
PuzzleLovingGirl 5 years ago
Long Story Short...I stumbled on the Trail Software in Europe.
Jills Trails had us going for a couple of hours.
When I got back to The States I discovered Daves Trails.
It had that same impact of being something that was So Different and that magnetic quality that just made you feel that you Had to get to the next level.
We Loved Them.
Mike 5 years ago
Everything about this puzzle game is just about perfect.
ColourWise and Shocker are close, but you hit the mark.
As a pure thinking puzzle, you nailed it! It's not one of those "Learn by trial and error puzzles that seem to flood the Internet". There are other puzzle games that have that quality also, but where you excelled was the simplicity of game operation. Everything that you need to know is right there in front of you on the screen and JUST a left mouse button click controls everything. (it seems to just somehow very slowly draw you in because operation is simple and there is no learning curve)
I won't even go into how much I like the way that your software runs on my computer. You already know that, and anyone that downloads the game will notice that Immediately.
I also liked the fact that I didn't feel like I was playing an arcade game.
I don't know exactly what I was feeling, but I liked it.
I'm VERY VERY GLAD that someone turned me on to Game Jolt. It seems that my little free time was stuck in a tucows rut.
Thanks Again,
Mike Martin
MidiCord 5 years ago
i wish i would have downloaded and rated Daves Trails first.
can i give it higher than a 5 ?
i've been searching for a game like this for ages now.
i'm stuck on level 11 but i'm addicted already.
music and backgrounds just add to the great game.
Love it.
Future Bots inc.
Future Bots inc. 5 years ago
I really liked it, you put some nice work into it, good luck, also love the backgrounds!!=D

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