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Bubblez is a 2d puzzle game, in which you start off every level as a small bubble, and use the arrow keys to move around. Once you have found a place, press space to inflate your bubble, and bubblez that hit that bubble will infalte and so on. The objective of this game is to inflate as many of the other bubbles around your screen as you can. Each other bubble you inflate will score you 20 points, and you must get equal or over the levels 'Par' to win, in which case the next level will unlock. There are 18 levels in total (I would have added more, but I started this 10 days before the competition was over) , and they contain more and more hazardous items as you progress, like blades and TNT. Most bubblez will move around freely, but ones with blue halos around them will run away from you.

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Qazi Ishtiyaq Ahmad

I was not happy with this. But after all nice game.. I give it 3 out of 5.

MidiCord 4 years ago

I agree with Mind Lady.

MindLady 5 years ago

I wanted to give this a rating of 3 because I concidered it more of an arcade game than a puzzle. That said: The game play was smooth, worked perfectly, and the graphics were well done; so I gave it a 4. I would have liked a way to hurry up and start over a level the second that you realized you failed instead of having to wait. Keep up the good work. ML


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Developer: zbox
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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