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BOO! is a game that lets you play the monster. You get a kick out of scared children, so you're looking for some.

Go to a place with a lot of kids and scare them! But don't get caught!
You'll also have to find clever ways to get the kids away from their parents... Like luring them with cute rabbits.
Some doors will only open when a pressure plate is pressed...
This game has 8 levels with an increasing difficulty. Each room has new difficulties!

Hopefully you'll have fun playing the game!

I'm working on a new version with bug fixes, better graphics, new levels and so on. But for now, it's already playable.

P.S. I recommend playing the game until at least level 7, that's when it becomes really hard!



If you have the time, please try the game and maybe give a bit of feedback.
Reporting bugs is also appreciated.
Thanks for playing!

Current version: v 0.8.4

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Wisheez 1 year ago
Monsters & Co! I like the fact that you can check how you're doing through the timer, I like the artwork and the concept. Very well done!

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Developer: SecondReality
Genre: Puzzle
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker: Studio
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Mild Cartoon Violence

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