Bewilder House

Bewilder House

By Minoteam - Added On 8/31/2013

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/!\ QWERTY KEYBOARDS /!\: You can change to a WASD control setting by clicking the Input tab : (arrow keys work by default too)

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Bewilder House is a first-person puzzle game where you have to overcome a feeling of loss of bearings.

Trapped in strange mazes where the walls open and close when you're not looking, you'll have to use your mind and first person controls in unusual ways to escape a deceptive funhouse that plays with both your perception, and your life.

The game is available for download, and we'd love to hear what you think !

If you feel like sharing something you can either post a comment or contact us at

Thanks :)


Minoteam is : Marine Dunstetter, Alexis Sarremejane, Robin Vallery, Julien Gratz, Valentin Heutte

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Posted By Chris Priestman 7/29/2014

Funhouses, or crazyhouses, are attempts to fool their inhabitant through the use of optical illusions, strange objects and other simple techniques that confuse humans. There are tunnels that distort balance and mirrors that suggest someone is behind you when they aren’t. In some ways, they’re the type of design we see in games, but are locations within the real space we inhabit, which makes them interesting on that level alone. So what does a game based in what is essentially a carnival funhouse do? Replicate the real thing or try to expand on it by making use of the liberties a virtual space grants?

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skrilljock9 2 days ago
Dat clown face tho.
SethTrullKill 3 weeks ago
holy shit that clown
Rezkeh 3 weeks ago
Novel and interesting puzzles are the focus of the game-play, and they aren't particularly easy (which is good). Clever use of a 'stalker' to keep the player on their toes -- it's not massively scary, but it works!

Let's Play:
GameThrillerXD 4 weeks ago
it's a fairly moderate horror game but the puzzles make it more interesting :), BUT THERE BLOODY DIFFICULT :/
twipi1994 1 month ago
Great game. I like how the feel is different from most horror/puzzle games now a days
QtothepowerofB 2 months ago
This game is awesome and I would definitely recommend it
Check out out Playthrough
Click-Maverick 2 months ago
Sorry got the url wrong,

You can check out our playthough if Bewilder House here:
luigiangel52 2 months ago
Hello I downloaded the game(btw awesome) for my Mac, but I having trouble getting out of the game. I don't know how to even pause the game or open the menu to exit the game (during gameplay). Can you help.
Anjescas 1 month ago
I would do alt+tab
Soccerrocks7337 1 month ago
Try using the escape key. :)
galaxy_gradient 2 months ago
The controls are too confusing. You should be able to move forward using the letter keys as well, but you can only move side to side and backwards; plus, the combination of letters for these actions is super weird.
I'm right-handed, as is the majority of the world's population, and I'd rather look around using my right hand and walk using my left hand, instead of using my right hand to move and having to stop literally every second to readjust the camera angle so I can see where I'm going.
Minoteam Game's Developer
Minoteam 2 months ago
I'm not sure I understand what you describe. You can totally move with the letter keys, the controls are the standard controls for any PC FPS... My best guess is that you have a QWERTY keyboard and missed the first few words of the game's description... ;)
MiniMikayla 1 week ago
Just so you know, there are also left handed people who play these games. So what if the controls are forcing you to use your left hand? Now you know what it's like for us. Btw, lovely game, it's very scary and I like the challenging puzzles :P
Ezio 2 months ago
have not played this game but it looks scary so i might try it

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Developer: Minoteam
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity


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