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6x64 is a freeware game, which combines elements of Tetris, Arkanoid and Bejeweled. Your object is to align falling blocks so that blocks of the same color are above or next to each other. Gravitation of the whole game area is changing during gameplay.

If you manage to align cubes of active color, you will get one of the basic bonuses.
Then you can combine them between each other and get better bonus later. Or you can activate a basic bonus instantly. It is your choice.

You can upload your score to Highscore table and compare self with other players - http://6x64.lightningsoft.cz/en.php. The game also contains 10 achievements (It using Gamejolt Achievement System)

I translate this game to English language, you can switch between languages below in main menu. If you find any mistake in texts, please report it.

Thanks for playing and comments!

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DarkBloodbane 3 months ago
Creative puzzle game! Using 4 sides, changing gravity and bonus for bursting blocks with same color as active side
I think you need to add information in instruction about how a game ends. And also some FX such as all blocks are falling or screen is covered with gray blocks to show game over before ending a game. Took some time for me to figure it out
That arkanoid mode is cool addition! too bad it's only bonus not permanent but it's fun nonetheless and it's first time I play arkanoid with different gravity and custom blocks set :)
Too bad I can't synchronize my achievement with Game Jolt :(
Satik64 Game's Developer
Satik64 3 months ago
Thanks! The arkanoid was inspirated by old tetris game, which was full of exciting bonuses.
I try to Iook at Gamejolt synchronization.
Raeleus 1 year ago
I started this game thinking that it was a basic setup. When it rotated, it blew my mind! Great game.
Nik 2 years ago
I wasn't expecting much when I saw the standard "3 in a row" setup going on. But when the screen flipped... Now that's a game! A really good concept, and it's done very well. Also, good job getting in the Achievements!
zasherfggk 2 years ago
this puzzle is truly wonderful for all those puzzle manics.it will change the perceptive and the logical thinking of the player. challenging and fun. you should have this game copyrighted
chylex 2 years ago
I added hopefully well working protection against uploading custom scores. If you find any problem, tell me ;). Game is being reuploaded, we've tested everything, but if you experience problems during score upload, use option "Post score by yourself".
Satik64 Game's Developer
Satik64 2 years ago
Thanks for comments :)
CROS: Because in my country most people don't have Gamejolt account, I wanted to make highscore table for all together.
RevenantGhost: damn :D Thanks, I write you. I will try to make better protection with team member, who know 39dll better than me.
Ashley 2 years ago
Our system supports submitting high scores as guests too!
RevenantGhost 2 years ago
4/5 very nice game, still needs to be more protected, in games like this is important that the score cant be modified (as you can notice in the highscores).
I see you used Game Maker, if you need any help at protecting it, do just Shout me =)
CROS 2 years ago
Yo, why not also use the achievements system for high scores?
GreenManSK 2 years ago
Very good game. I like how game board rotate. Arkanoid mode is my favourites thing in game, I'm looking forward for it from star It's really addictive game thanks to high score board. In short, I like this game and want it for my smartphone.

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Developer: Satik64
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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