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By Link3000 - Added On 4/24/2010


'Pro' is now listed as a complete game.

By Link3000 on 5/18/2010

Finally: I've finished Pro. There were several bumps along the way, but I've done it. For the record, this is the first game I've released as 'Complete' for a long time; a very long time. Now, I've done several things to improve the experience, but I'd rather you play the game than me tell you what it is. :)

This is a pretty big release for me, and there probably will not be any more updates to this game any more. However, that doesn't mean it's the end of Pro at all: I set up a forum for Pro a while ago, but never circulated it, and I'm planning to release the source-code, or at least part of it, later on.

I'm already working on a new project, so Pro is now behind me. Not to look down upon my own creation, of course, but it's good to move on. I'll still be watching Pro from a distance.


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!KiteMikami! 5 years ago
Your forum link doesn't work for me
Link3000 5 years ago
Thanks for the catch, it's fixed now.

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