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When you sleep, you are dreaming. Some dreams are beautiful and vivid, the others are strange, and the rest of them are horrible... We've having them all the night, and then wake up and forget them. But what if one day your "awakening" would be a difficult task? Could you find a way out of the dreams and wake up?

Arrow Left/Right - move left/right
Arrow Up - jump
Z button - action (enter doors, enter beds, use superpower, run)
Esc - exit to titlescreen(if dreams map not opened) or exit to dreams map (except of few levels)

SaintHeiser - general development (code, gfx, sfx, design, storyline)
Xitilon - eng language support
Kot211, Romosn, Raseri - beta test
Supr - special thanks for beautiful teaser-header!

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Posted By Chris Priestman 7/31/2013

Taking dreams as an integral part of its themes, gameplay and practically basing its entire existence on them is a free game from Digital Synthe.sis called Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz. You don’t merely visit dreams in this platformer/adventure, but you travel through their labyrinthine form and attempt to overcome your entrapment to find escape.

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Timdeuces 1 week ago
Awesome game. I got stuck on the reflection room, though.
SevenBITS 1 week ago
Great game so engaging and simple to play, it would be nice if it had the Portuguese language, so there is a greater immersion in the game in that language, one question, can I record videos of gameplay to put on my channel on youtube? with the game link and your site link with all the right reserved to you, I just want to show this great game for my friends :)
CatShadow 1 week ago
Not bad !! :D
FreeFull 1 week ago
Fantastic game!
I haven't been able to find the way to get to the dream whose bed is above the hospital bed on the Dream Map. It's the only thing stopping me from beating the game. How do I get it?
FreeFull 1 week ago
Nevermind, got it!
FreeFull 1 week ago
Alright, I got all the beds but I still get the brick wall when I try to exit.
zillagramwiches 2 weeks ago
your game is awesome. congrats on blowing my mind. the idea is so good plus everything else like the graphics mechanics and music are all so nice. i sampled a track in it recently if you dont mind listening, heres what i made, https://soundcloud.com/zillagramwiches/blurzzzz
Heiser Saint Game's Developer
Heiser Saint 2 weeks ago
Wow! It's very well going with the theme of blur dream!
What about trying to make another theme? Like Magnetism dream or Struggle?
zillagramwiches 2 weeks ago
thanks! yeah sure id be happy to, ill post it up here when ive made another one.
RockyRandom 3 weeks ago
Great game! The idea is original but the character is a bit slow...
aviggo77 1 month ago
this could have been better
Heiser Saint Game's Developer
Heiser Saint 1 month ago
I know. Try Dota, CounterStrike, Warcraft3 or Call Of Duty. I think these are your games =)
IndieAlex 1 month ago
So could anything.
Maybe try giving more constructive feedback?
Chitose 1 month ago
I love this game, I really do. It has so many elements that I simply adore: surreal setting, branching paths, secrets, philosophy, pixel art, etc. But good Gods Heiser, did you put the entire 236 pages of the book in there? I am just seeing how long it takes to get the text finished at this point. Again though, a magnificent game and I give it a 5.
Heiser Saint Game's Developer
Heiser Saint 1 month ago
Not 236 pages. Just few first chapters (about 20 pages).
IceMakerZero 1 month ago
Oh this is a great game. All this context is good and well 'thinking' *.
It's the kind of game that you should still playing at the end.
LeWildGregui 1 month ago
Hey,SaintHeiser,I already finished the game,exploring and doing all the achievements =u=
So,I have a question for you. I'm brazilian,and I really really like this game,and want to show it for some friends,but a lot of them don't speak english =( So,I'm asking if I can translate the game to Portuguese (Br) somehow, you decide.
Thank you so much for doing such a awesome game! XD

Ah,and I almost forgot! Can try to do a FULL Let's play of it? If I can,thanks XD
Thank you for reading!
Heiser Saint Game's Developer
Heiser Saint 1 month ago
Oh, thanks!
I don't mind if you try to do FULL letsplay. No one made it yet. Be first! =)

You can translate it to Portuguese if this language contains only english letters. Or if Hooge_05_55 cyr2 font contains needed characters. Unfortunatly, there is some problems to use another fonts with non-traditional letters.
If it be, I'll update the game. I have to fix some bugs with GJ login and another small fixes.
LeWildGregui 1 month ago
Thanks, and just two more questions: Portuguese have all the english letters, but it have a letter that is "ç" and the letters have pontuations like "á à ô é", will it work? =(
And the second question: Can I send you the translation? Or something like that? And, if you can tell me,how can I put the translation myself in the game, that way it can be easier to you, I think.

Thanks for reading again! õ/

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Developer: Heiser Saint
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