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By Farmergnome - Added On 8/12/2013

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This is a survival platformer game I made for a competition quite awhile back in 2010 for the TIGSource "A Game by its Cover" competition.  Hope you guys like it!  Edit:  The sequel is indeed in the works and you can play it over at here http://www.underthegarden.com !

Running the Game


 Default Game controls are W,S,A,D to move, and mouse to interact, controls can be modified in folder "0" under controls.ini.  The menu is mouse only, click the original game to begin, or use the arrows to select another game mode.

To turn off smoothing there is now a toggle down the bottom right of the main menu to make the game run quicker.  To turn off pixel shader effects locate player.ini in folder "0" and set "noshader=1" .

Original Thread here: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=13394.0


Editing the Game

The game also has an editor, I have added a readme how to mod the game and also create your own levels in the zip folder, enjoy!

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sirnitro12 5 days ago
im having a problem where whenever i try to download this, chrome blocks the download. does anyone know how to stop this, because i really want to play this.
Kaze.Williams12 3 days ago
Use another browser.
timtan10 2 months ago
is it co op ?
Redsand 2 months ago
love this game and under the ocean
Trdzi 2 months ago
Really good and fun game to play ! :)
SirPranceAlong 3 months ago
I Really Love Your Games Your an Amazing Game Developer
GamePlayer301 3 months ago
Like it man keep it up
indieGMRchris 7 months ago
It's a fun game at first and I really liked the art style. It's just that I have such limited room for my tools. More than half of the space was taken by them so I could only bring a limited supply of food, medicine, and a steel box and you need the walls, steel, or boxes to cross the river because if you try to stand on a wooden box in water you may fall in it and die so steel boxes in my opinion or the solid materials to make your house are the way to go. You can make steel, boxes, medicine by using a pickaxe on stone but it's random. Anyways making room for steel/other solid stuff to cross a river means you cant carry all your useful tools with you. What if I need my hammer or axe? Then again why use an axe when I have a gun? But trees block you and you can't go past them most of the time so you need your axe. There's too much what if I need tools. Honestly give me a bigger bag. It was a fun game though for the time being.
meknowles01 7 months ago
this game is very fun to play, but has a few things that the developers could fix. like the trees, the player cannot walk past them, therefore if they have a full inventory, they just waisted like 2 peices of wood. another thing i would like them to fix it the inventory. you should be able to scroll the mouse wheel to select your item because i always ended up dropping all my items by clicking on them. finally i think the developers could add chests, and doors. doors being for no bunnies running through my house and taking all the stuff i have on the ground. and chests being for holding all the stuff i have on the floor of my house. other wise i think this is a very well developed game and i hope it earns the makers some money!
Superbadchicken 7 months ago
Game doesn't work for me it just goes black as soon as i start it.
yzma 8 months ago
very fast and good gameplay

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Developer: Farmergnome
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: MMF
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Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed

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