The Ugly Doodle

By TDGames - Added On 9/11/2010

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Discover that colour will bring drawings to life as you venture through 3 pieces of paper, in search of romance, after promising a deal with the almighty creator. But in turn you will discover alot more about the paper you are living on. [3 worlds with 9 levels in each.]

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TDGames Game's Developer
TDGames 4 years ago

Game has been updated! Fixed the friction and player hitbox. Enjoy!

Darshell 4 years ago

this game has some nice visuals and music however the engine and platforming really needs some work, I found myself dying not because of my lack of skill but because of the lack of precision in your characters movement and this was really irritating

TDGames Game's Developer
TDGames 4 years ago

The hitbox being larger was to not only make the game harder but a cheap way of making the game longer (deadlines). The game will be fixed after the competition.

I also feel it shows the struggle of the doodle on his quest. =D


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Developer: TDGames
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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