The Outbreak

By Knuckle Fish - Added On 5/17/2014

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With the virus accidentally unleashed on the city, our protagonist awakes from her dream to find her nightmares have come to life. Aid her as you travel through the various stages of her pixel art story and battle your way to ultimate freedom! 

Taking references from classic side-scroller titles, this game aims to take you along a fun little journey, filled with chuckles, flashbacks and nerd rage! Built in Unity and taking full advantage of a 2.5 dimensional perspective with fantastic retro inspired pixel art! 

Jump through levels, collect antidotes and ultimately, don’t die!! Battle the zombie hordes as you travel through your surreal pixel world on a hunt for freedom. 

We hope you enjoy our game ~ Loz & Leo

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13irth 1 year ago

Only a blonde character could fight zombies by jumping on their heads.

icameforbabes 1 year ago

i not sure if its a bug or just my computer but at the part with the man hanging in the closet when i go all the way into the far right corner i get stuck and i can only jump.

Knuckle Fish Game's Developer
Knuckle Fish 1 year ago

Thanks for bringing that to our attention! Any and all feedback is very helpful! This is for a uni project so we wanted it online ASAP, hopefully should have that issue fixed today. Thanks again ~Leo

Alexloeffler4 1 year ago

yeah i also got stuck at that point.. some collider issue preventing progression


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Developer: Knuckle Fish
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity
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Intense Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed

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