The Moonkeeper

The Moonkeeper

By pgil - Added On 5/26/2009

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2000 A.D.

Earth's MOON BASE has been infested by ALIEN SCUM! Find and destroy the 5 GESTATION PODS and bring FREEDOM to outer space or something!

Explore the old moon base and look out for space vermin and traps.

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Adam Christopher Hayes
Romeo Mazzei
Romeo Mazzei 5 years ago
Oh wait, I hadn't noticed you already uploaded a new version! I'll try that one later.
Romeo Mazzei
Romeo Mazzei 5 years ago
Awesome game! The graphics are GREAT (I love that oldschool jittery screen effect). Unfortunately, the game crashed a few times :(

Still, good job!
Theodolite 5 years ago
Ihad fun freeing the moon from the native species! Also when I kill the last pod the message doesn't stop the game from running so the tiny bugs killed me while the message was on screen
Kolj 5 years ago
Unfortunately, both versions of the game crashed... I really liked the style of the graphics, though ;).
pgil Game's Developer
pgil 5 years ago
Thanks for the comments everyone (and the feature!)

Those of you who have problems with the game crashing-- could you give this version a try? Let me know if it helps or not:
CROS 5 years ago
You bet! Thanks for making such a sweet game.
That version works for me, but has some graphical glitches here and there, which I guess is to be expected? Definitely playable, though. Not sure why it stopped working for me. I used to be able to play the game fine, it's just recently that it's showing just a black screen after the intro. Maybe some weird Windows 7 update.
Glitchy Pixel
Glitchy Pixel 5 years ago
Awww, It keeps crasing to me T_T, it looks like such a cool game I want to play it badly.

It always crashes when i try to go between the fourth and seventh screen moreless :(
I do have windows 7 by the way, maybe something to do with it? I also use an ati video card, that may have something to do also :P
Hope this information helps you to catch that bug :)
Davioware 5 years ago
it crashed many times for me: once when I pressed control, once when I picked up a grenade, and once when I pressed jump. Overall you did a great job with the retro filter, the game was pure nostalgia.
CROS 5 years ago
Yeah, for some reason I couldn't even play it on my computer when trying it recently. It was just a straight up black screen after I skipped the intro.
ScaryPotato 5 years ago
This game is super awesome! I loved everything about it, the graphics, the colours, sfx, and the screenshake/filter around the edges is just a perfect touch...outstanding!
JHJS4LIFE 5 years ago
needs more save points

other than that I luvit
Jan Willem Nijman
Jan Willem Nijman 5 years ago
to copy previous posts: nice retro everything <3

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Developer: pgil
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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