Strange World: Castaway

By Dushan Chaciej - Added On 10/14/2010

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Strange World: Castaway is a puzzle-platform game, where the most important thing is vibe. In SW:C you are taking control over agile alien, which has got some special abilities. He can slide on the walls, he can double jump, regenerate health by eating strange flying goos etc. Your main task is to find way out from caves and collect all missing parts from your spaceship.

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fakhir 4 years ago
What are you paying for music development? I am just starting out in te field of game dev and having little difficulties.

Good luck for your full version game (Y)

Dushan Chaciej Game's Developer
Dushan Chaciej 4 years ago
Nothing, but im lucky that guy found me :)
But if this game wouldnt be free i think it wouldnt be that easy ;]
fakhir 4 years ago
I really like the gameplay. The enemies are really tough !! Did you make the game in OpenGL? Furthermore did you composed the music yourself?

Dushan Chaciej Game's Developer
Dushan Chaciej 4 years ago
Music in demo is from, but in full version (which will be released soon) music is made by
If u like the demo u will love full v :D

Game Info

Developer: Dushan Chaciej
Genre: Platformer
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

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