Sonic.EXE - The Game

Sonic.EXE - The Game

By MY5TCrimson - Added On 7/24/2013

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This is the big one - Sonic.EXE Version 666 is the biggest update to the game since its release! Re-written from scratch on an entirely new engine with better graphics, audio quality, re-imagined sequences, system-wide stability fixes and more - this is the definitive Sonic.EXE experience!

There are many new things to discover in the game. While some may be apparent, others require a little digging. Word to the wise: EXPLORE. Return to previous areas of each stage after you've had a look around - who knows what might have popped up during your absence?


Alright, since no one else seems to have bothered doing this, I'm going to.
In short, I've recreated Sonic.EXE - given the creepy tale some life at last as a true .EXE file~

For those who don't know about the creepypasta in question:

This is not for the faint of heart. And if you're smart - play it in the dark. You know you want to. Or else, he'll come for you. ;)

The game took about 3 days to whip up, and is not a full representation of my programming ability - it was simply something I made for a laugh. I never expected it to come this far since the original release. Bear that in mind.

Sonic.EXE is based on the Creepypasta "Sonic.EXE" created by Mr. JC Hyena

"Hill Act 1.gym" - composed by Kyu. S
"Kingdom of Sorrow" - composed by Namco
"Gigyas Theme" - composed by Nintendo
"Title Screen" - composed by Sega

I am God image created by compugecko532
Version 4 Title Screen created by SecretAgentJonathon
Game Over Key-press image created by shadowninja976
"V4 Message" background image created by viridys
".EXE 2" image created by sonicshadowfan13
"Last" background image created by Janine7the7Tiger
"V666 Game Over Screen" by Sanogard

GameJolt Thumbnail by silverscourges

GameJolt Banner features atwork by snouken and Janine7the7Tiger

Game is copyright of Crimson the Bat/Amberware Interactive

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Crimson, I have a question. My computer asks me what program to use to open this... Is there a particular program or what? Please tell me as fast. Thank you.
I LOVE IT CRIMSON! ITS AMAZING i liked version 5 just as much as this one
Creepy-Fadedspark 2 days ago
Here's all 3 easter eggs and English text at the end video of mine.
Creepy-Fadedspark 2 days ago
I made a let's play of this game, here it is.
Jason64 5 days ago
This is getting better. And more better.
Jason64 1 week ago
I need help on an .exe game i'm making. I would be glad for help. If your confused by help, it eithers means advice, or help me with the game in general.
nojusgarbencius 1 week ago
wow this game nowse my name D: OMG AND IT WAS JAPNESS WRITING WTF
(Games Created By Game Editor)
My5tcrimson this is the version game editor the creator of luigi.exe play the version sonic.exe 666 edition
Yoshondue 2 weeks ago
I did a playthrough of this game:
xTailsXDollx 2 weeks ago
ummm..... how do you get past the chinese/japenese text so i can get to round two or is that not possible?
Anthony12 1 week ago
Go to task managrer and click on sonic.exe and click end proccess or just restart your computer

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Developer: MY5TCrimson
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete


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