Schutll Noise

Schutll Noise

By the - Added On 8/10/2013

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If something seems impossible - thats true. It wants another way. And another try again.
Besides, it is screen-based platformer game with 5mm pixels caliber, brown, white and pink soundtrack and pretty pretty graphic noise filters.
Use help in game menu to discover game mechanic, meaning of color tiles and controls.
As a secret, red tiles are not good for you and (WASD or Arrows) + (R and Space) are enough to win this game.

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MightbegiantYT 1 year ago
I did two lets plays on my YT channel. I absolutely love this game and the overwhelming frustration associated with it. There are two things I would love to see in this game; level saves and death counter. Otherwise it's awesome! Keep up the good work.
tizaster 1 year ago
Registered for the site to basically say this is a really cool game, and also to claim the hard work I had put into it and post a score. [Not a great score by any means but I'll take it, might try again later.]

Really like the atmosphere/aesthetic and I think you've more or less nailed that sort of encouraging frustration where I would occasionally feel defeated trying something over and over but the instant retries and general design helped me keep playing. I had some of that double jump issue where I would jump off the ledge but I was already "off" and only got one jump, but I often have that problem with double jump games anyway. Otherwise this is really something else, thanks for sharing it.
Bit 1 year ago
..too hard for me but i like the style and the game itself,..
Wisheez 1 year ago
Alright, I can't seem to pass the second level as the double jump doesn't always work. I like the background noise and the general purposes. It's a real shame that I can't go deeper (and I'm not saying it isn't possible, but it may be impossible to me due to my lacking platforming skills)
ffff 1 year ago
You've gata think outside the box a little bit.
the Game's Developer
the 1 year ago
You can find the same problem with double jump even in teeworlds, that a lot of time in development. Sometimes it seems that you still on the ground, but actually you are already left it, fall down and used your second jump.

Also, NoUU comment is pretty right.
ffff 1 year ago
Fucking fantastic game. The level design is amazing and the art isn't something I've really seen before. The only problem I have is the controls, sometime I feel as though my double jump won't work when it should. But still, fantastic game 5/5.
the Game's Developer
the 1 year ago
Thanks, this comment is encouraging.

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Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Python


Mild Cartoon Violence

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