By TimViana - Added On 11/20/2010

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This is a simple platform game prototype create with Unity 3d.


Space to Jump ( Double Jump )

Shift to Shoot.

You can also use an USB joystick

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runewake2 4 years ago

This game is cool. Made a lot more epic when Opera rendered the background as transparent. This was a neat effect and I feel bad for everyone that can not see that.

Some textures would be nice. Maybe a tutorial? the second level took forever to get up the final platform. I like it still so 4/5 for this. Good job.

Link3000 4 years ago

It was pretty fun. I suggest losing WASD and using A for jump and S for shoot. Using the mouse doesn't make sense, and using shift is uncomfortable.

Cool game, though. More sounds and lighting would be nice.

YellowAfterlife 4 years ago

This is a pretty good game. I like overall simplicity and gameplay. Completed the game :) It is good to see that challenges are introduced one-by-one, keeping the game interesting. Things that could be changed: » Weapon shooting sound. It's a bit annoying. It would be also nice if sounds were '3d', meaning that volume and position should depend on distance to character. » There could be another level after the first with red capsules\enemies. Second level with these was the one that I crashed a lot at (mostly because of trying to complete it without killing anybody and that gap without chance to jump out of it). » Colors of levels could be different (if you are going to keep the game in simplistic style). That would add some variation. Overall, keep up the good work.

DeathandthefIy 4 years ago

Good for your first game, but it could use a few things. -Lighting -Better Controls (Arrow keys and Z/X should be optional) -More level design/Variety (Simple platforming gets old fast)


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Developer: TimViana
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
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