Problem Attic

By ella_guro - Added On 6/25/2013

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Problem Attic is a strange, abstract 2d platformer about prisons- both real and imaginary. 

arrow keys to move

z/up to jump

r to restart/??

x to start

the game's soundtrack is available here:

alt link:

it takes 2 hours-ish to complete. the game will save your progress, but it will start you off at the title screen each time.

note: if you reach a screen that you think is the ending but you're not sure, you're not at the end. you haven't reached the ending until the game literally tells you it's the "end" =)

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Indie Statik

Indie Statik Impression

Posted By Chris Priestman 5/29/2013

Glitches and indie games were meant to be together, if only because many of the amateur developers failed to properly clear out all the bugs and fully polish their creations. But to the creative mind out there, glitches can offer a way to provide a slightly disturbing experience for the player. They just have to be managed correctly. And while I don’t think that Liz Ryerson’s Problem Attic consists of glitches as such, it’s been created in a way so as to emulate a world where these errors come in and corrupt the surroundings.

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rov120 5 months ago
Uhhh... how can I put it? There's abstract and there's ABSTRACT...
ObsidianSkin 1 year ago
Not bad... (Now, don't expect an answer as sophisticated as some of these ratings.) This game was pretty difficult to begin with. I'd love to complete it, but I can't seem to figure out what to do without getting a headache from the shaking (>.>). Anyhow, the controls were easy to figure out, and so was the objective. 4/5
AgiBLaDE 1 year ago
the puzzle actually quite fun to accomplish, unfortunately my eyes can't handle the shake. sooo, yeah! pretty much great :D
Higurashi 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this game!
The controls are easy, the graphics fit (even if they are a bit ugly) and the sound/music fits also pretty well to the game.The most thing I liked were how the player has to figure things out, and how the jump key changes after a while.
That makes it really challenging! :)

I am currently stuck at the level with "go fuck yourself" written on the top, but I am sure I'll figure that out.
devilmaycry1345 1 year ago
I dont know what the whole idea of this game is but its really hate it now so dont go near this game.
NichoIas 1 year ago
Umm, game is not very clear in terms of how to play, objectives, etc.

Sir rating - 2/5
Visor 1 year ago
Uh... First off, the game doesn't explain anything. At all. No control explanation, no given objective, nothing. If this is a game, then it is a terrible one. Further more, I get the impression this game is doing nothing but trying to sell itself on "being weird and abstract", rather than actually being enjoyable and creative.

Throwing the player into a caldron of pixelated spaghetti and refusing to tell them the controls on the respect of "being abstract" is a great way to make a game that Gamers won't enjoy. On the other hand, I'm sure there would be people that would love it on the basis of it being 'an artistic experience', but as a gamer, I unfortunately found no appeal here.
akuna 1 year ago
there wasn't so much to it.
Honno 1 year ago
what no
Preyy 1 year ago
Controls are way to touchy, I can hardly get onto a a small area just to get higher. The objective of the game is very unclear. Props for making your own sprites andI assume original idea.

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Developer: ella_guro
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Stencyl
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