Problem Attic

By ella_guro - Added On 6/25/2013

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Problem Attic is a strange, abstract 2d platformer about prisons- both real and imaginary. 

arrow keys to move

z/up to jump

r to restart/??

x to start

the game's soundtrack is available here:

alt link:

it takes 2 hours-ish to complete. the game will save your progress, but it will start you off at the title screen each time.

note: if you reach a screen that you think is the ending but you're not sure, you're not at the end. you haven't reached the ending until the game literally tells you it's the "end" =)

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nuuup 3 months ago
as you jump around in this strange, glitchy world, you see strange things that can be quite ominous sometimes
rov120 10 months ago
Uhhh... how can I put it? There's abstract and there's ABSTRACT...
ObsidianSkin 1 year ago
Not bad... (Now, don't expect an answer as sophisticated as some of these ratings.) This game was pretty difficult to begin with. I'd love to complete it, but I can't seem to figure out what to do without getting a headache from the shaking (>.>). Anyhow, the controls were easy to figure out, and so was the objective. 4/5
AgiBLaDE 1 year ago
the puzzle actually quite fun to accomplish, unfortunately my eyes can't handle the shake. sooo, yeah! pretty much great :D
Higurashi 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this game!
The controls are easy, the graphics fit (even if they are a bit ugly) and the sound/music fits also pretty well to the game.The most thing I liked were how the player has to figure things out, and how the jump key changes after a while.
That makes it really challenging! :)

I am currently stuck at the level with "go fuck yourself" written on the top, but I am sure I'll figure that out.
devilmaycry1345 1 year ago
I dont know what the whole idea of this game is but its really hate it now so dont go near this game.
NichoIas 1 year ago
Umm, game is not very clear in terms of how to play, objectives, etc.

Sir rating - 2/5
Visor 1 year ago
Uh... First off, the game doesn't explain anything. At all. No control explanation, no given objective, nothing. If this is a game, then it is a terrible one. Further more, I get the impression this game is doing nothing but trying to sell itself on "being weird and abstract", rather than actually being enjoyable and creative.

Throwing the player into a caldron of pixelated spaghetti and refusing to tell them the controls on the respect of "being abstract" is a great way to make a game that Gamers won't enjoy. On the other hand, I'm sure there would be people that would love it on the basis of it being 'an artistic experience', but as a gamer, I unfortunately found no appeal here.
akuna 1 year ago
there wasn't so much to it.
Honno 1 year ago
what no

Game Info

Developer: ella_guro
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Stencyl
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