Planet Cubed

By Green Meteor Team - Added On 2/14/2011

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A furry lil cube is captured and threatened with death. That furry fellow is you!

Follow the story levels for a casual platforming experience or brave the difficult "Spike Mode" and post your highscores online. As you gain ranks your opportunities for earning points will increase, though climbing ever higher from the spikes should still be your main priority.

A lot of the environment is dynamic so do what you can to shoot holes through it and knock things down, just try not to squash yourself (happens all the time).

Features Clockwork integration and character customization. Made for the Game Jolt Invention Contest.

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WITS 4 years ago
Wonderful game, perhaps a lil' more explanation in the description or in-game as to the reactions of different blocks to being shot at, and things like that. Still, loved the music and cute graphics! I give it a 4.5, rounded up!
Qazi Ishtiyaq Ahmad
Loved this game, liked the graphics the music, the gameplay was simple and enjoyable.. Thanks (*_*)

Game Info

Developer: Green Meteor Team
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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