By Alex Ford - Added On 8/17/2012

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Control a character with Panphobia, which is the fear of everything!

Collect pills to overcome your fears, but watch out and don't get too high!

Also, there's a level editor,and level browser!

Level Editor Help:

H toggles  the 'high' map's visibility

M toggles the main map's visiblity (NOTE, Main map must be invisible to edit high map)

0 will delete whatever is placed!

P will place a pill (change type with 1,2, or 3, being heights,spiders, and darkness)

F will place a fountain

D will move the door

C will move the character

S will place a spider

W places darkness


Enter will submit the level!

Made for the Game Jolt contest, FEAR!

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Beersy Games
Beersy Games 2 years ago
knowing that this was for a contest and a limited time, I cant really say to much because with lack of time you cant perfect your project. But this is what I'd say, the concept i think is cool and a good idea for a puzzle type game (from what i played, i just played the normal game). The issue is there isnt a challenge to it to make the game exciting and replayablem but again this was for acontest with a time limit. If you decided to go back and work on this add traps and enemies as well as different types of pills in one level so the player has to tink about what moves to do first. If you want to go back and work on this clean it up a little and it would turn out pretty good!
Alex Ford Game's Developer
Alex Ford 2 years ago

The only reasons there are so few levels is because level design isn't exactly my forte, as Color Man would suggest...

Anyway, I'll for sure add in more levels, and a few more gimmicks!
MRSFS 2 years ago
Can't say I enjoyed this, in fact I found it rather frustrating... I couldn't get past the level you have on the screenshot actually, the second to last line of blocks I just can't jump to the last block. Otherwise I think it could be good and I would actually quite enjoy it. Is something meant to happen on that last block, like does it lift you up or something? Or am I missing something? Hope I can play more soon :)
Alex Ford Game's Developer
Alex Ford 2 years ago
Yeah, that level is broken, I'll patch it, in the same update that I allow for custom level browsing (because edited levels are actually in the GJ database, there's just no way to load them atm)

Sorry about that!
Martin 2 years ago
The main character's hitbox is a little strange and makes platforming a little annoying. Other than that it is a decent concept.
Alex Ford Game's Developer
Alex Ford 2 years ago
Yeah, sorry, the box is a little big for the guy,I'll shrink it down, like I did for Color Man!

Thanks for the 3!


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Developer: Alex Ford
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete

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