One and Light

By YellowAfterlife - Added On 11/28/2010

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A 3d platformer game, done in 3 days, for contest with supmaster004. The theme was 'shrinking'.

In this game you play as a character (human?) with ability to grow and shrink freely. You have a dream to reach the Light. But one is far away.

In each level some logic and platforming are involved. Game is intuitive; controls are described in-game.

Controls (because people fail to read them in-game)
WASD - move around
E\Q - grow \ shrink
Arrow keys - rotate camera
N - toggle mouselook (rotate camera with mouse)
R - restart level
T - toggle side views (ones in bottom left & right corners)
M - toggle music
F5 - cycle game window size (F5 for larger window, Shift+F5 for smaller)
Alt+Enter - toggle fullscreen

29/11/2010|05:45 - fixed a couple of difficulty & graphics issues, lowered system requirements, added possibility to rotate camera with mouse.
21/01/2011 - fixed bug with restarting levels, made help avaible from any point of game, fixed descriptions.

Comments are welcome.

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Davidalix 1 week ago
Excellent game! :D
Kelpo 1 month ago
Pretty interesting game/))#
faissaloo 4 months ago
I would very much prefer if it was controlled using the mouse, other than that great music and a great game overall.
Christian C.
Christian C. 2 years ago
Ive been doing a lets play and my Viewers are Angry that I cant find my way out of the level after you get to the top of the tower!
YellowAfterlife Game's Developer
YellowAfterlife 2 years ago
If you're about the green level (as seen on screenshot 3), the exit is in one of stones (circular-looking things with stone-looking textures).

Has been such a long while, and people still find this game somehow. That's nice.
roboguy 3 years ago
I would feature this game. It is fantastic.
Asaurus Games
Asaurus Games 4 years ago
Played it and I love it. Too bad not made in game maker. I would have featured it on YYG.
Asaurus Games
Asaurus Games 4 years ago
No, the gaps in the 2nd level. It says I need to be bigger, but I'm maxed out and I still can't cross. There's no jump key, is there?
YellowAfterlife Game's Developer
YellowAfterlife 4 years ago
Well, it wasnt mentioned that you can jump by using Space. I've updated the game with fixes to description (now also avaible to view at any time by pressing F1, and R key bug.
As alternative to re-downloading the game, you can apply the patch by replacing 3dc.c in game's folder by a new one: (4kb)
Asaurus Games
Asaurus Games 4 years ago
And I can't get past the gap.
YellowAfterlife Game's Developer
YellowAfterlife 4 years ago
I am looking at Restart issue. It is very strange, since no scaling-related variables are affected when restarting (only player position is being reset). If you are talking about gap(s) in light-blue level, they can be passed by either scaling down in mid-air, or by maxing size and jumping 'around' the wall.
Asaurus Games
Asaurus Games 4 years ago
Cool game. After restarting (R), Q and E don't work.
slayer64 4 years ago
ahh. game studio =/ thought it was made in game maker xD i am less impressed now, lol

i think the camera should be a 3rd person perspective. this way i can see what the hell i'm running into all the time.

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Developer: YellowAfterlife
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete


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