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By BeardedBruce - Added On 8/7/2012

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This is a very early concept that I have been working on recently.

The outline is that you have a droid, which is controlled by nodes. In the planning phase the player places these nodes across the level and then sets off the droid. When the droid hits a node he performs the correspdonding action. So the player can plan out an elaborate free run across the level.

This is very early work in progress. Current art is just programmer art, sound is usually present but because some sounds are licensed under creative commons non-commercial, and because this site has ad-revenue I'd rather keep them out on this site.

There is a tutorial in the game so everything is explained and hopefully easy to understand. Would appreciate it if you tried your best to break the game and relay any bugs you find to me, possibly with screenshots. Thanks in advance.

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Game Info

Developer: BeardedBruce
Genre: Platformer
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Cartoon Violence
Moderate Language

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