Ninety Ninth Ninja: Episode One

By Barry Atkins - Added On 5/4/2010

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A mouse controlled Ninja platformer. You have 99 lives. Spend them wisely. You have access to grenades, arrows and ikibana. Use your ninja magics to place new blocks, destroy blocks and wipe the screen when the blood splatter all becomes too much. Ninja magics demand the sacrifice of some of the 99. It is a cruel world.

There is a second Ninety-Ninja in development, and I am looking for any and all responses to the orginal.

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Frostbitewow 5 years ago
This is a cross between a puzzle and a platformer. Good graphics, a very unique control system. This was a fun game, with good sound. Lots of different skills and abilities. Very challenging but not impossible. Get used to seeing a lot of blood splatter cause your going to die many times during this adventure its alright though every time you rescue a trapped ninja you get a extra life. This guy definitely spent quite a bit of time making sure this game is polished.

Game Info

Developer: Barry Atkins
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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