Monkey Freak (Web)

By Roach Puppy Games - Added On 8/8/2010

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This game was my entry into the A Game By Its Cover competition on TIGSource.  Save the rats from the labs as you avoid traps and use your "special" brain to get through laser beams.

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Ocular Software
Ocular Software 4 years ago
Really cool! I played all the way through. Missed a banana though.
Are you aware that if you just walk off a ledge (don't jump) you can then do a mid-air jump as you fall? I used this in level 4 to take a shortcut: just walk up to the first blue beam and fall down its left hand side, then air jump to the left.
Fun though, and cute music. Did you make it yourself?
Roach Puppy Games Game's Developer
Roach Puppy Games 4 years ago
Thanks for playing it through, glad you enjoyed it! Yea, I added that tolerance on purpose. Most people dont notice it but it helps with the vanishing blocks. I left that shortcut in but if you take it you miss a banana, which might be the one you're missing.

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Developer: Roach Puppy Games
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
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