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Memorized is a Platform game that should hopefully challenge your platforming skills and your memory.  The basic gameplay is simple.  You are shown the level that you have to complete for 5 seconds, then the level is made invisible and you have the tools to draw where you remember platforms and obstacles to make it to the level exit on each of the 20 levels.  Each time you die you are shown the level again to tweak your memory, this costs you extra time and of course adds to your death count.


Arrows - Move character & level select highlighter.

Space - Jump & Select.

Q - Go back to Main or Level Select from game.

LMB - Draw with Green pen.

RMB - Draw with Red pen.

Shift & LMB - Erase part of drawn level.

Game is finished but there still may be bugs that I've missed.

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Ace Poison
Ace Poison 4 years ago
Very cool idea. I liked the 8-bit graphics and the game was pretty tough. It kept me playing for a while, til I ragequitted, cause I suck at these types of games. XD 4.6/5
Romeo Mazzei
Romeo Mazzei 5 years ago
A great game with a well-executed gimmick! I really liked the minimalistic graphics and the clean interface. It's quite addictive, too!

Well done!
Minor78 Game's Developer
Minor78 5 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to play, rate & leave a comment.

Game Info

Developer: Minor78
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Construct Classic


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