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By Ting_Thing - Added On 5/13/2010

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Mario Builder is a long-running project designed to let anyone easily create their very own Mario games! There are TONS of things to choose from: 15 power-ups, Over 100 different enemies, Over 1100 tiles, a wide variety of platforms and obstacles, secret exits, over 40 songs, over 40 backgrounds, 5 Yoshi colors, and much more! With the ability to upload songs, backgrounds, and tiles, this list goes on infinitely! There is also an overworld editor, title screen editor, an example file, a storyline writer, and the best feature of all which is your imagination and creativity to make the best game possible! Enjoy using this program as much as I did making it.

Mario Builder was made by Ting_Thing (that's me) uses heavily modified versions of Hello's and djrellik's engines.

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FlameDoctorGames 1 week ago
For some reason the controls don't let me walk two ways?
Davidalix 1 week ago
I love to create!
florianstaudacher7 2 months ago
its a good mario game
Ting_Thing Game's Developer
Ting_Thing 3 months ago
Hi everyone! I have a new project which is released as a concept on Steam's Greenlight. Feel free to check it out here:
Rolando Gomez
Rolando Gomez 5 months ago
my game isn't functioning properly.
What should I do?
BDeterson 5 months ago
The level editor is overall very smooth. It's really something. I played lots of Super Mario when I was younger, and I always wished I was able create my own levels to play as Mario with my younger sister. BUT THAT'S THE THING. Playing it is not smooth. It doesn't play like a Super Mario game, or any quality game for that matter. Unless you only like making levels, and not being able to play them, this game probably isn't for you.

Graphics: 1 out of 2
Sound: 3 out of 3
Gameplay: 2 out of 5
Final Score: 6 out of 10

Conclusion: It's not for everybody, but the spin-offs of the classic soundtracks are really something.
Adam Alexander
Adam Alexander 5 months ago
I made a few but can't make an .exe file?
BrinkThinker 5 months ago
looks like a great mario builder game i hope you fix the bugs if the game has because i really need this game also i hope when you build mario levels or stuff its simple
BrinkThinker 5 months ago
much like game game looks awesome must download :3
PonySonic 7 months ago
I not likе this gamе!

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Developer: Ting_Thing
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Cartoon Violence

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