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In a faraway boxy place...

You are a robot named MagnetDroid...

You wield the power of magnetics... and so do your enemies...

Except you can switch your polarity and they cannot.... use this power wisely and you will win!

Save the boxbabies and defeat the mean machine!

A game by Mysterious Doll Studios.


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Trdzi 2 months ago
Fun game :D
Maetjuuh 4 months ago
moishinetzer 7 months ago
hey i really love this game! i need to makeca similar game for my gcse. so what program and language did you use and how did you learn it?
thanks i really appreciate it, keep up your good work!
Nepiix 7 months ago
If you look to the right of the game there will be some info on the game. It was made in unity and theres quite a lot of tutorials on how to make 3D games in it. But I would suggest learning C# first. It will help script unity a lot...
Ezzence 7 months ago
Keep it up man. When you'll finally get to make game that is up to par with the quality of you films... it's gonna be so frckn cash.
DrunkestBunny 7 months ago
Great concept!
Markula24 7 months ago
I was wondering if i could do a kind of let's play of this game for my youtube channel?? just wanted to know if you're ok with it.
M dot Strange Game's Developer
M dot Strange 7 months ago
Please do whatever you'd like with it ^_^
mrpete 8 months ago
Liked the neon effects in this game.
marshin102 8 months ago
Best game 20/20.
TheJafreeseBros 8 months ago

First Video of that Let's Play I promised for anyone who's interested. It's in three parts, so stay tuned :)
TheJafreeseBros 8 months ago
Hey. So I love the look and feel of the game, awesome job dude :) I even did a lets play of it actually (I'll post the link in a later comment, got to edit it).
That being said though, I cant play more of this until there's an update that involves a checkpoint and or save system. It's just to frustrating.
I like the fact you die easily, don't get me wrong. That creates an awesome challenge. But after a good 15 minutes of being extra careful to get through one level, only to be killed by some small trap and having to start all over is incredibly annoying. Also, I had to quit at level 3. I had hoped the game would save my progress. It didn't. Now I have to play through it all again to get to where I was, which I'm simply not going to do.
Amazing game, great concept, great art style, great music and great gameplay. Fix this checkpoint/save issue and you would have a game good enough to go up on steam for 10/15 bucks a pop easy.
M dot Strange Game's Developer
M dot Strange 8 months ago
Glad you liked it and yeh sorry about that- when I made this game I didn't know how to do a save/checkpoint system- but I've since learned so I will update it- I made it for a 30 day game jam so I did't get to finish it- so I'll go back and finish it and add the save/checkpoint system- thanks so much for playing and for your feedback ^_^
M dot Strange Game's Developer
M dot Strange 8 months ago
I updated the game adding checkpoints and a continue function- hope its better now!

Game Info

Developer: M dot Strange
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity
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