Kurobo Realms

By Xura Entertainment [closed] - Added On 2/17/2010

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Kurobo Realms is a new 2D online platformer focused in the world of the Roxura Galaxy. For more in-depth and detailed infomation about the storyline, features and media for Kurobo Realms, visit the site.

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Xura Entertainment [closed] Game's Developer
Bad news everyone!

Well, sort of. KR was indeed going well, we had much fun with the team... especially the giant apple pie, yeah, best part.

However, as our experience with game design grew, we found many, many flaws. The programming wasn't the worst part, we had so many features implemented and so many on the drawing board, that we needed either a complete rewrite or invent hacks around them. Games with hacks don't last long.

That's why we are rewriting the game, but don't be scared (as if) - this (I hope, at least) won't turn out another failed game which has been rewritten more times than there are grains of sand in the desert of Sahara, but this time, we'll take it slow. We won't rush in with dreams of epic adventuring like we did before, now we'll just have dreams of epic adventuring, but no rushing this time.

We'll also be closing this account and opening a new one, Xura Interactive. If you'd like to see how our failing is going, be sure to visit.

Thanks for all your patience!
(Terror)Bubba 3 years ago
I saw your youtube vids and the game looks great!
Are you going to have some kind of beta test?
Future Bots inc.
Future Bots inc. 4 years ago
hey man, i saw a couple of ur vids from YouTube, nice job, im looking forward to playng it.
madmaker123 5 years ago
Kris 5 years ago
Dude, i cant wait to play!
Toadsanime 5 years ago

Looks and sounds pretty interesting, this; I'll be looking forward to it.
Xura Entertainment [closed] Game's Developer
Thanks! :D

I'm currently working on the trophies system - I should have it done soon. I may upload a video once I'm done :)

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Developer: Xura Entertainment [closed]
Genre: Platformer
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: C/C++
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