It's Not About the Aliens (2014)

By Ian Burnette - Added On 5/1/2014

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(64Digits Spring Competition 2014 Entry)

A story-driven, physics-based, 2D platformer.

Arrow keys (or joypad) to move
Left Ctrl to fire (or joypad button)
Hold Left Alt to ready grenades (or another joypad button)

Escape (or joypad button) to pause, mouse to select options

Have fun! Give it a rating or comment if you feel inclined!

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Davidalix 2 months ago
I love the graphics! Cool effects! nice job! Awesome!...
paulvtims 5 months ago
Definitely one of the best games I've played on here: really compelling, interesting story.
danythetiger 5 months ago
only hard part is the mines and jetpack part
nuuup 7 months ago
Pixelcube Games
Pixelcube Games 9 months ago
How did you make the game music? It's really peaceful
Ian Burnette Game's Developer
Ian Burnette 8 months ago
It was kinda tricky ... I composed the songs using, and then had to do some streaming audio recording, because inudge doesn't natively export compositions. If I were to do it again, I might look at Glad you enjoyed the music! I was pretty proud of it.
calo9000 10 months ago
its.. uhh.. i dont know how to explain, ill just give it a plain 5
Ian Burnette Game's Developer
Ian Burnette 10 months ago
haha, I can't complain with that. Thanks for playing!
calo9000 10 months ago
Thanks? Thanks for what? For playing? No, thanks to YOU for making this great game.
By the way, you never really explained how people started to vanish. Is there like a second part? Or is it like a mistery or something?
Thanks again for delivering such a piece of interactive art, you know, beacause books, you read; music, you listen; paintings, you see. Games, you play.
This game has all of them, the way of telling the story, it´s like you keep on going, trough the game just to wait for another line of text to appear, the music just presents the concept of the game very well, you know, like very simple and constant. The art style, it´s like, everything is yellow, you don´t need very complicated textures or high quality to deliver a memorable experience,there´s no other color (besides blue, there´s some blue at the end XD).
And the gameplay, using the Unity engine allows for a really good physics and gravity, that you use with the fact that you cannot die, so when you get shot by aliens or when a mine explodes in your face, you just get pushed around, and that is fun.
Sometimes the game got really difficult, but this game just gives you the feeling of "I-must-try-again-I-want-to-know-how-the-game-ends".
The ending, it´s like: "I came all the way here for nothing, but I guess it´s okay, because I had fun," Beacuse then you realize, that at the end, it´s not about the aliens.
calo9000 10 months ago
(btw i can´t believe i wrote all that XD)
Ian Burnette Game's Developer
Ian Burnette 10 months ago
Wow, thanks for the in-depth review! First of all, you're right that it's never explained why people are vanishing. A possible explanation is mentioned, but, when you get right down to it, it's only kinda about the people vanishing, anyway. It's essentially about Arlene and Liz and the space between them - most everything else is secondary to that.
That being said, I'm thinking about making a second part. I'm working on another project right now, but once I'm done with that, I'm thinking about a sequel or continuation to this story.
I especially like what you said about how you don't need complicated/high quality textures and graphics to deliver a memorable experience. That's a sort of mantra for me as an independent developer: I can tell stories without necessarily spending hundreds of hours learning to make fancy 3d models or even really high-quality pixel art. That's not to say that my games wouldn't benefit from those things, but as I'm learning, I'm excited to tell a number of interesting, varied stories without getting over-ambitious with the visual component.
And I do like to thank people who play my game, but I guess I really appreciate your comment.

Also, you're welcome!
TheMasterspiffy 11 months ago
I wish i coud give this game 100+ stars! its so amazing
Ian Burnette Game's Developer
Ian Burnette 10 months ago
Wow, that's so many stars! I really appreciate it. I'm really glad you liked it so much!
Ula 11 months ago
This game's amazing! The story was touching from the very beginning, but I was positively surprised when I got to know the main character's name :) The gameplay alone was fun, sometimes challenging, but not overly frustrating. I believe some people could have problems with certain parts of the game though. I hope more stories with a simple, but amazing storyline like this get developrd. Keep up with the good work!
Ian Burnette Game's Developer
Ian Burnette 10 months ago
It certainly has its frustrating moments, but I was focusing on the story, so I'm glad that was what stuck with you. Thanks for commenting!
omnicatgames 11 months ago
I did a let's play and got overly annoyed and rage quited. If you want to see it then here is the link:
Alandrose 12 months ago
Did a lets play!
very cool game. loved the way things bounced around.

Game Info

Developer: Ian Burnette
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity


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