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Made for the GameJolt Minimal Competition!

Inverta is a game where you control a square (minimal graphics) through a black and white world. In the game are inverting devices that invert the world, allowing black squares to appear/disappear and the same with the white squares.

The story of the game is very minimal and linear. The sounds (Yes, there is sound in this game! :P) are, except for the music, minimal and 8-bitish. The title, following the trend of minimalism, is also minimal.

Enjoy the platformer! :D

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YellowAfterlife 5 years ago
183 deaths?
It's the second time when my fingers hurt after a platformer game :\
Society 5 years ago
Minimal competition, huh ? Well, rather interesting entry, yet it looks that you take rules too literally:
1) Gameplay is mostly about grinding jumps around some gaps and spikes – repeating some jump over and over is only thing that adds some time to walkthrough.
2) Screen refreshment suffering serious problems when it comes to hint windows – they are blinking hardly whole time.
3) Setting same button to jump and action while forcing players to from narrow (2-blocks) switcher’s platforms wasn’t really a smart choice at any point.
4) Graphics could’ve be a lot more stylish – right now spikes are too wide for sharp appearance and inactive block seems just ugly.
Inkidia 5 years ago
This seems very similar to my game invert.

But yours is good too
TheAfterlifeGames 5 years ago
nice game, nice idea
KniteBlargh 5 years ago
It's taken me forever to say this, but I quite enjoyed this game. Played it to the very end. Nice work MeYo.
BitZero Game's Developer
BitZero 5 years ago
Thanks you guys. ^_^ And yes, I noticed that there were many precision jumps. Level design gimmicks kind of ran out.
Philip Gamble
Philip Gamble 5 years ago
Agree with NAL this is a little on the hard side. Fun nevertheless.
NAL 5 years ago
Pretty difficult game, but not in any way bad. Was fun overall. Good job. :P
Kaude 5 years ago
I beat the game with 180 death. A good portion being missing pixel-perfect jumps. It was not a bad game. I like the idea of switching blocks and such. It's just that some of those pixel-perfect jumps were super annoying. And the fact that the switch was the same button as jump was kind of irritating and lead to a bunch of deaths as well. 3/5. Very minimal ending, though... oh, and the music didn't play for me...

Game Info

Developer: BitZero
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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