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Tim is a bacterium who enjoys spending his days languishing in pools of morning dew. Tim quite enjoys his life of leisure. Well, he did, before a cat ate him.   Now Tim is stuck in the murky pools of stomach acid and jagged chunks of rotting meat and bone that make up the stomach lining of Mr. Tibbles, the household pet. With only minutes until his inevitable dissolution, Tim has to think fast and act fast.   Luckily, Tim has a plan. If he can gather up enough hair and detritus he can form a hairball large enough to cause Mr. Tibbles to retch him up. It won't be easy, and it certainly won't be pretty - but it's all he's got.   Hairball was created for the 3-day jam The Arbitrary Game Jam, and placed 1st. I hope you enjoy it.
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Cyber Killer
Cyber Killer 1 year ago
The controls don't feel responsive enough (especially jumping), this game reminds me (in a bad way) of Gumboy. I hope this gets fixed, cause overall it feels really polished, but the controls break the good feeling.

Note: I had to kill the Linux version, cause I couldn't find any way to exit the game properly.
Deleted 1 year ago
What a mess there is inside of a cat, never would have guessed... ! :)
Nice game, looks rather polished.
Udell Games Game's Developer
Udell Games 1 year ago
Thanks very much! I tried to spend as much time polishing in the 3 days I had available for the competition, but the controls still aren't quite there. When I fix those, I'll upload a new version with Achievements too
Deleted 1 year ago
Sounds cool! :)
Wisheez 1 year ago
Harder than what I was thinking, pretty nice concept here! The music is kind of loud but I enjoyed a couple of runs!
Udell Games Game's Developer
Udell Games 1 year ago
Thanks! Definitely needs a volume control, you're right. And a silence button probably. And a pause... But I go on...
AgentDevelopper 1 year ago
woo woo imma hairball woo woo

Game Info

Developer: Udell Games
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity
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Mild Cartoon Violence

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