Eggman Hates Furries

By Oddwarg - Added On 12/13/2010

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An untraditional Sonic fangame based on refined boss battles and stylish presentation. Full of surprises and highly ambiguous.

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BulletBill64 1 day ago
Oddwarg, You sir. Are one Clever...clever man. I love this. One of the best fan games i've played.

The Intro: Epic and very tension-filled. i love it so much and that music!

Dream: Trippy color-filled area full of memories. What more can i say?

First Boss: EPIC and quite creative.

Second Boss: Running from a drilling machine while the area starts to cave in. GENIUS.

Third Boss: Falling down a huge corridor while being chased by a Spider-chainsaw machine. Epic and nice.

The Bane of your nightmares/Fourth Boss: The epic battle between Sonic & TD. I love this fight. It's like finally facing the boogie man from your nightmares.

FIfth Boss: Eh...not bad. I didn't really find that much interest in this copter boss.

FINAL BOSS (Dr. Eggman's Ball Machine): Ok first thing. DAT FUNNY ZELDA REFERENCE. Also nice and creative. The boss has multpie defenses and you destroy them to get inside of the machine and wreck havok on it's systems.

FINAL BOSS PHASE 2 (CHASE): This second phase is entirely a chase trying to avoid running into rocks that will send you into Eggman. Quite nice.

TRUE FINAL BOSS PHASE 1 (???): I'm not spoiling much. This boss will definely put you on the end of your seats. it's awesome and a very good finale.

TRUE FINAL BOSS PHASE 2 (THE GRAND FINALE): This is the final showdown....No one knows what lies in here. Expect....they all the ultimate being. (Yus i'm avoiding spoilers) This boss is so intense and VERY VERY awesome.


THE ENDING (Alternate Ver.): This ending makes the player go "._." as Tails falls down what seems to be endless stairs. I call it a Bad Ending.

THE ENDING (At the end of the game): Ok...I was not prepared for Sonails Mostly cuz i DON'T like it. Still the credits theme is quite catchy and the ending monolog from Tails (?) really was nice.

Overall: I love this game. It's mostly a boss rush. But it really brings some epic bosses. Nice level layouts and fiendish hazards to look foward to. i give it a 9/10. I would give it a perfect score but...the ending ruined it for me. Though the final monolog from Tails makes up for it.
deejayLem01 1 week ago
Create a version for mac?
DavidTimSka 3 weeks ago
When I was fighting the final boss, and I won, it gave me the error: "Failed to use 3D Mode" and there is no way to get around it....
milesleblanc5 1 month ago
Hi. Can a dev please respond to this so I can play? Each time I try to launch I get this error "ERROR IN action number 1 of Other Event:Game start for Object presentation: Error defining an external function". If any developers have any idea what this is please respond, because I want to play this game.
Oddwarg Game's Developer
Oddwarg 1 month ago
I've never seen this before, but it is a problem with loading the DLL files. My 5 minute research suggests that you update your .NET framework and Visual C++ binaries to the latest versions you can install:

If this doesn't work, please give me as much information you can about your computer, in particular your Windows version and whether it's 32 or 64 bit. Also, make sure you have a sound card installed.
Bits And Bros
Bits And Bros 2 months ago
AndyNachio 2 months ago
Awesome game! ^^
slayer64 2 months ago
this is too frustrating for me. some good programming at work though.
jason546 3 months ago
Why am I getting an error message saying "Failed to load the game data. File seems corrupted"?
Oddwarg Game's Developer
Oddwarg 3 months ago
I have never heard of this before. A quick internet search suggests the following possible solutions:
- Dedownloading the game
- Stopping "Printer Spooler" in Services.
- Updating .NET framework to version 3.5 or above
- Disable UAC
- Try running it as administrator
Kevin Ethridge
Kevin Ethridge 3 months ago
This game is straight up amazing. Hilarious and epic in all of its proportions and it allways keeps throwing curveballs at you right when you get used to the madness.
Vendus 3 months ago
I just made a video of this game... I'd love some help with the part I rage quit at... because that thing just kept hitting me down >M< anyways Here's the video (Goes Public April 22nd at 10:30 AM Eastern)

I hope you have an Awesome Day it is an Awesome Game :D
Vendus 3 months ago
sorry I meant April 23rd
Oddwarg Game's Developer
Oddwarg 3 months ago
I'm not sure if I can tell you anything that helps since it seems you got the idea. If anything I'd tell you that you can safely jump between the boss's jaws and the body(through the arm) rather than trying to go under. If you're desperate you can try editing the dat.dat file but I'm not going to provide any support with that.

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Developer: Oddwarg
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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