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depict1 is a platformer made for the global game jam.  I don't want to spoil anything.

(if you cant figure out the beginning, the game uses non-traditional input purposely.  explore your keyboard.)

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alexstrife13 1 week ago
It's a shame, it crashes when i jump on a button to kill 3 monsters, i really wanted to play it T_T if there's something i can do to fix it please tell me ;3;
DemonXGames 1 week ago
A friend of mine recommended this to me when it first came out and I never ended up playing it. After a few years now, and a little snooping for a good game to do gameplay of I stumbled upon it once again. I can say, I do NOT regret it what-so-ever.
I love the nontraditional key movements, and I thought it was interesting how well you really developed around such a simple idea as 'deception'. One key problem is that his game crashes on "Drop 3" when you clicked the button to land on the creatures. I thought it was kind of funny, and even a bit entertaining (since I had been going hard at the previous level lol!) seeing the "depict1.exe has crashed" pop up. To be honest I nearly thought it was part of the game.

For anyone with this issue you can head over to newgrounds and there is a version on there that works without crashing. Huge problem with that version is you glitch through spikes, where as the original you wouldn't be able to do. The best way to explain this is watching someone do "Wall Jump" on the original exe and on newgrounds.

All in all I love this game so much, and sadly I got End 1 but I noticed something at the end of my recording that I'm going to investigate a little later. If you'd like to watch I have the two parts on YouTube:
starlight6488 3 weeks ago
I found this game on Newgrounds years ago and it quickly became one of my favorites! It's fun to show friends and giggle when they look so puzzled as to why the game is lying to them.

I'm not entirely sure why, but there's something about this game that makes me really happy and I have fun playing it. ^_^
thatcatser 3 weeks ago
also it keeps crashing at a certain point in a certain stage :( that's really a shame though, because its a really good game and I was anxious to see what happens and solving puzzles....
thatcatser 1 month ago
- only read the next bullet if you're ready
- okay now read the next one if you haven't changed your mind
- the input keys are X and C to move, J to jump, K to throw spikes
(helpful points from the developer, just in case you can't seem to figure it out)
boog26 1 month ago
Only if it had a SUPER COOL ENDING!
aduandme 1 month ago
i cant move. at the beginning of the game the guy says "if you want to move press the arrow keys" im pressing them like crazy and i cant move. How do i move?
GreenyMix 1 month ago
Find out by pressing all buttons on keyboard.
thatcatser 1 month ago
The developer includes this with notes in a document labeled README
- only read the next bullet if you're ready
- okay now read the next one if you haven't changed your mind
- the input keys are X and C to move, J to jump, K to throw spikes
BuanJautista 1 month ago
I wonder if the second ending really exists or is like the rest of the plot and you're lying :(

Nice game!
BuanJautista 1 month ago
conaratwell 2 months ago
i really like this game it was fun
tobaccopipe 2 months ago
Gahhh! This game was great! I love how it was even a challenge to figure out the controls at first. It's a shame it was so short. Big ups to the dev!

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