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"Death And The Fly" aka unofficial grotesque "IQ test"- a platform - 2d puzzle game where the player has the ability to control the two species. One of them is death, and the second - the fly. Where such a combination? - Perhaps you will come to mind ... Well. Interested, find out in due course. It is not our duty to interfere in the personal lives of these two, and besides, let's be honest. Who wanted to have them closer to a deal?

Many puzzles, platform. Besides... some more platforms. Opponents, some not so kind. Skills. Well and... Platforms...

The game will be a colorful, hand-drawn graphics with unusual music background.


You need to bring both characters to the exit. By avoiding the various pitfalls along the way, killing mobs, and remain a `live`. Death, as a form of not-quite-living, living in the live-world, losing energy all the time, and the only way to refill it is to devour souls of killed mobs. Unfortunately, only the fly can fight monsters. Both characters are slightly different from each other. Death is more resistant to trap rather than fly. Sometimes it may happen that You'll need to move a block, toggle switch. Blocks can be moved only by Death. And character can only toggle switches assigned to it. The Keys ... Each character can pick up the keys, but only death could open the doors. One more thing ... Only Death can record current game state at the save point.

In game Controls:
`arrows`           - movement.
`arrow up` or 'X'  - toggle switch
`arrow down`       - save point ( only Death )
`enter`            - take/drop an item (keys). (Fly takes items automatically.)
`tab`              - change character.
`z`                - open/close inventory, `enter` to use an item.
`esc`              - Menu
`H`                - help
`P`                - pause the game

    ( while controlling the Death )

`space`     - jump.
`ctrl`         - devour a soul.

    ( while controlling a Fly )

`space`     - change a weapon.
`ctrl`         - shoot.

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Davidalix 3 months ago
Cool graphics! :D
msithis 4 months ago
Good game.
GreenStudio 10 months ago
death looks awsome!
Dmitri_6 1 year ago
Mantas 1 year ago
Amazing game.
bloodycoathanger 2 years ago
someone needs to hire this artist to make a more playable game! great art, poor gameplay.
gn0me Game's Developer
gn0me 2 years ago
Truly, we appreciate your efforts. Thank You, please come back later.
Ced2k 3 years ago
The game is a little too slow. Also, I had some minor problems going fullscreen and with the graphics.

But the gameplay is so original and the art work is so amazing that I can't give lower than a 5.
BretHudson 3 years ago
Could you please add Quick Play to your game? \:
DukeNukem 3 years ago
Well, I am not sure why this game is so high rated. Played it for a bit and just couldn't anymore. If you like crazy images + gameplay that is slow and makes no sense then this might be for you. But it not for me, sorry.

Not to mention there was a warning that the game may have virus. Uploding of .exe files is risky and you really should consider a safer method.
Bastendorf 3 years ago
The graphics were amazing, but the game itself has many problems. There's a small glitch when you get to the top of the ladder and keep pressing up, the fall damage sucked, I hate that the enemies can still kill you when using the hint menu and the inventory, Death kept dying randomly, the level select screen is very confusing, and for being an introductory level, the introduction is far too easy to royally screw up. I ended up stuck, because only the fly can pass through the walls, and there was absolutely no indication of what I was supposed to do. The arrows only make it more confusing. But I loved the music, the art, and the atmosphere. The special effects were great, too.
gn0me Game's Developer
gn0me 3 years ago
Thank you ! Please come back later!

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Developer: gn0me
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: C/C++
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Tobacco Reference
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