Chicky Run

By expose3 - Added On 5/5/2010

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Whats more fun than cute chicks combined with relaxing music?

Chicky run is an addictive game where you take control of 3 chicks and making them work together to collect points from stars.

They can jump or stack up on each other, giving you different methods to avoid dangers like rocks and birds.

This is definitely a game you cannot miss.


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diddyking 4 years ago
This game is very simple, but very fun, and very clever too. I like how you have to make the back 2 chickens jump on top of the 1st chicken to get the higher stars and to jump over the spikes, and you have to get the 2 back chickens off again when a bird comes. The graphics are great, and the music is very suiting to the game. The only problem i could find was when i jumped over the spikes, my tail would sometimes hit the end of the spike, which was annoying. 5/5

Game Info

Developer: expose3
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
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